Brackets Team At Google IO 2012

If you are at Google IO today, you should stop by the Chrome Developer Sandbox and meet some of the founders of Brackets. Just for the event, we created custom Field Notes notebooks that are hand-pressed with the Brackets logo and message.

Code The Web

Adam Lehman (Product Manager), NJ (Creator & Lead Engineer) and Glenn Ruehle (Lead Architect) will be on hand throughout the day. Stop by and say hi!

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  1. Danny Patterson says:

    Sweet stickers!

  2. johannes says:

    Hey guys,
    We are doing an event in july!
    Hopefully we can present something with and for brackets than!
    Is it possible to get somewhere these stickers/badges? 😉


  3. flaviosil says:

    Hey! I want these stickers!! 😀

  4. Berengar Lehr says:

    pretty awesome someone finally did it this way, I applaud you, first to the decision to build a web editor as web app and second for your sane selection of home brew vs. libraries!
    Can’t wait for the next updates.

    Yours Berengar

    PS: If you still have some of the fan stuff you gave away on Google IO I’d be happy to get a notebook.

  5. Christoph says:

    Awesome stickers! Any chances to get one?

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