Getting Started with Brackets Video

Jeffery Way, editor at Nettuts+, took Brackets for a spin and created a comprehensive video tour. If you’ve missed some of the recent builds or are looking at Brackets for the first time, this 20-minute video will tell you all you need to know. Jeff even shows you how to get Brackets working with PHP and walk through a couple common development workflows.


Thanks Jeff for an awesome overview. We really appreciate any help with spreading the word about our little project. You can see the original article here on Nettuts+. If you are so inclined, you might want to check out a couple of Jeff’s other articles:

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  1. ALex says:

    This looks really nice, the reloading and the highlighting if the class you are editing, that looks really useful. Looking forward how your project progresses!

  2. Werner says:

    Stunned. Amazing product. My compliments to Jeffrey Way – you had me glued to the video for the whole 20 mins … no small feat, that.

  3. anon says:

    If it doesn’t have Vim mode – it isn’t worth a look unfortunately :/

  4. Brackets looks pretty awesome… I’m very excited to test it out! Great video, thanks for sharing!

  5. Ben says:

    You are making an expensive mistake: not placing a link to the Brackets homepage on the blog.

  6. Rolf says:

    Why is there no link to your website anywhere?

  7. Carl says:

    Your app looks awesome.

    I can’t wait to get over with my android app and start coding the web backend 🙂

    Your blog has no rss feed : I can’t suscribe in google reader.
    (but I must say that each post has a rss feed for the comments)


  8. Nice detailed video.. Nice product.. Sharing the details and infromation of the tool with my team mates. 🙂

  9. nestor says:

    Really really nice editor. I’d love to use it on linux. Hope it will be available soon…

  10. […] Getting Started with Brackets Video – Brackets. […]

  11. Sunny says:

    Seems like an awesome editor, definitely seems revolutionary in addressing many pains when doing front end design. Can’t wait till it is fully flushed out and ready to go!

  12. webdesign says:

    Very good, thanks for sharing

  13. nemov says:

    Thanks for sharing this great video.

  14. Nice detailed video , Very good

  15. I updated the theme with the links. Thanks.
    Very good

  16. Very good..Nice detailed video

  17. webdesign says:

    This looks really nice,I’m very excited to test it out

  18. Very good..Nice detailed video.great

  19. cms says:

    very good tank u

  20. amir says:


  21. ??? ??? says:

    Very good, thanks for sharing

  22. kishnet says:

    very good tank u

  23. thanks For sharing This Post 😉

  24. designv says:

    brackets better than atom

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