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We’re very pleased to announce the availability of the Brackets Sprint 19 build. This new build includes the beginning of CSS code hinting support, native OS menus and several enhancements to Quick Open. Brackets has now also been localized to support Portuguese and Swedish.

Sprint 18 had the most downloads of any sprint since Brackets first launched (23k+ downloads). The project also continues to get more and more extensions, and during this sprint Brackets hit 50 extensions. So thanks to all of you who continue to be excited about the project, building extensions, contributing code, and just downloading it and using it. Now on to the new features.

CSS Code Hinting

For this we owe a huge thanks to André Zoufahl who did the work to add CSS code hinting to Sprint 19. This is one of the biggest contributions to Brackets that has come from the community and it makes Sprint 19 that much better. Now when working in CSS files, you’ll get code hinting in the same manner as HTML. Of course, this is just the beginning. The team will be working on updating the code hinting for CSS over the next few sprints.

Native Menus

Native menus powered by JavaScript

With Sprint 19 the team added native operating system menus for both Mac and Windows. The native menus make Brackets look and feel more like other native applications. It’s also a good example of the teams ultimate goal of using native hooks where appropriate to make sure Brackets is true to the operating system while still leveraging HTML/CSS/JS for the project. The native menu API hasn’t changed and it also supports other languages.

Quick Open Optimizations

This sprint also includes several heuristic optimizations to the Quick Open search bar. Not only are the results faster, but they are more accurate and match common patterns developers use when naming functions and documents.

New Translations

Finally, this sprint ships with two new translations. Swedish, thanks to Jack Billström and Portuguese, thanks to Tiago Oliveira. Brackets now supports 12 languages thanks to the community.

Community Contributions

You can see the full list of changes over on the Sprint 19 release notes. The community contributed 17 pull requests that were merged and the team contributed back 5 pull request across 4 different open source projects.

Thanks again to everyone who continues to make Brackets awesome.

Sprint 19 Review

We attempted to live broadcast our Sprint Review meeting via Google+ this week, but it was a glorious and epic fail. We hope to have the kinks worked out in time for our next Sprint Review as we’d like to open up more of our agile process to the community. However, we did manage to get a decent recording of the meeting. In the following video, Brackets team members will discuss and demo the new features of Sprint 19 build.

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Next in Sprint 20

The team at a Adobe will be packing up a new version of the Edge Code distribution for Creative Cloud members. We are also planning to integrate a new version of our core code editor (CodeMirror 3) into Brackets. CodeMirror 3 will bring with it a number of editor enhancements as well as overall performance gains.

– Ryan (filling in for Adam)

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  1. Francois says:

    Hi Ryan,

    What a great app! Can you please help me with something?
    I am having trouble with getting extensions to be loaded in Brackets. I’ve downloaded, unzipped and copied the extension folder as instructed into:

    But Brackets just doesn’t load any of the extensions I’ve tried. I am on Windows 7 64-bit with the Sprint 19 build if that means anything to this problem. I hope you will be able to help.

    Sorry if this is not the correct place to post this.



  2. natto says:

    Nice update !
    I really like brackets i wanted to know if you plan to integrate a webkit view in brackets?

  3. Peter_D says:

    File Drag&drop would be a new great option.

  4. nicePick says:

    Will there be capability to edit C/C++, Makefiles in brackets, at least?

  5. John Rock says:

    Brackets is really awesome and beautiful, I hope that as you develop it, you wont change its appearance very much, i like it so simple and beautiful. Really great work!! 😀

  6. Adam says:

    Is there going to be a portable version? If so, can you guess when… Thanks! 🙂

    • Adam Lehman says:

      By portable to you mean for a tablet? or without an installer?

      Brackets can be moved to a USB drive by simply copying the directory strcture (we don’t rely on a registry or anything like that).

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