Using GitHub with Brackets

As both an avid GitHub and Brackets user, today I decided to take a look at what extensions are available that could help integrate the two. The Brackets Extension list over on the main wiki page list five different extensions but I focused on three that seemed to work the best (as well as being somewhat up to date). Each of the extensions described below can be loaded using the cool Brackets Extension Manager so be sure to give them a try!


The first extension I tried was brackets-git-info by couzteau. This is a rather simple extension that simply modifies the project name to include the branch name. Simple, but darn useful!


The second extension is git-integration by pollensoft. Currently it only supports the ability to run arbitrary git commands, but soon it plans to have file context menu integration as well. It adds a Git/Run menu item to your core Brackets application. From here you can then run arbitrary Git commands.


The last extension I looked at was togist davidderaedt. As you can probably guess, it lets you take a block of text and create a Gist. Currently it only creates anonymous Gists, but that’s still very useful for sharing code with people quickly. Simply select some text, run the Create Gist action from the Edit menu, and Brackets will upload the code and create the Gist. It then gives you the URL and opens up a small window so you can see it.

Want to see all these extensions in action? Check out the video below!

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  2. Tom F. says:

    I have some trouble downloading this theme :

    I get this error message every time I past the link in the extension manager :
    “Le contenu téléchargé n’est pas valide” (witch means in english : “the downloaded content isn’t a valid zip file”).

    Do you know if there’s another way to get this theme ?
    Thank you.

  3. Michele says:

    What do you think about Brackets-Git? I really like the UI.

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