Brackets 0.38 Release (Multiple cursors)

The latest Brackets release now includes one of the most requested features: multiple cursor/selection support. Plus, as always, we’ve got a good collection of fixes and improvements throughout.

Multiple Cursors

Brackets now lets you create multiple cursors and selections in order to make lots of similar edits at once. It’s useful for things like adding the same text in multiple places or quickly renaming a variable.

There are a couple of basic ways to create multiple cursors or selections:

  • Hold down the Alt key, then drag vertically to create cursors, or drag diagonally to create a rectangular selections.
  • Make one selection, then hold down the Cmd key (Mac) or Ctrl key (Win) and click or drag to add another cursor or selection.

The following video shows some examples of these techniques along with more ways to create and manage multiple selections.

Multiple cursors is one of those things that you might see the first time and say “that’s neat, but I already have find and replace”. And then you start using the feature and you find yourself using it several times a day. Selecting the instances of text that you want to replace and watching the text change as you type has a great feel, especially when coupled with Live Preview. In the example below, I use the “Add Next Match to Selection” keyboard shortcut (ctrl-B on Windows/Linux, cmd-B on Mac) to grab a few instances of the word “Brackets” and then change them:

Multiple selections with Live Preview

Multiple selections with Live Preview

You also notice little, unexpected ways in which the feature saves you time, like visually updating a bunch of strings:

Using multiple cursors to update several lines at once.

Using multiple cursors to update several lines at once.

Multiple cursors and selections provides a bunch of new editor actions, so you might want to check out our documentation for using the feature. Thanks to Marijn Haverbeke and the other CodeMirror contributors for this great new CodeMirror 4 feature.

Inline Editor Hints

It hasn’t always been crystal clear when you could pop open an inline editor for CSS styles (the Quick Edit feature on the Navigate menu). Brackets will now give you some hints when Quick Edit is not available:

Messages appear when Quick Edit is not available.

Messages appear when Quick Edit is not available.

Other Changes

  • We’ve continued improving our project find features with performance improvements on Windows and usability improvements for all platforms.
  • .ico files can be viewed directly in Brackets now.
  • Brackets now supports “asynchronous linters”, which are code checkers that require a bit more time to do their processing before they present their errors.
  • In the file tree, you can use ctrl/cmd-click to expand/collapse all of the siblings in the tree. ctrl/cmd-alt-click will collapse a subtree.
  • We added a bunch of UI polish throughout Brackets

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24 Responses


  1. Tom says:

    Finally! Thank you! I Love you!

  2. Dave Black says:

    Brilliant! Simply Brilliant!

  3. Jarolin Vargas says:

    The css inline edit when i press command+e over a class has low framerate on the drop animation. running mac maverics

  4. Drew Fyock says:

    Hooray! One step closer to 1.0.

  5. Multiple Cursors was the only reason I use other editor.

    Thanks for add it 🙂

  6. debashish says:

    Omg.. awesome.. finally i am seeing this in Brackets.. 🙂
    Thank you for listening us..

  7. debashish says:

    One last important feature.. which I believe is really going to make brackets a best choice of editor for everyone.

    ie. MULTIPLE WINDOW editor and ADDING SNIPPETS directly from github. I have snippets which I have saved in github and I used to add them directly to my code whenever I need them. This feature is in sublime I wish if you could implement this feature in brackets too.
    Thanks 🙂 🙂

  8. Katherine says:

    Wow multiple cursors!! So glad to have this feature – AWESOME!

  9. Jasmine says:

    Is Brackets intended to replace normal editors like Emacs on Linux? Or would it be too heavy to start up just to edit a config file?

  10. Noah Funk says:

    Perfect timing with the multiple selection shortcut!

    Question: Is Brackets normally updated by installing the latest release over the existing installation?

    • Peter Flynn says:

      Yep – if you’re on Windows it will just cleanly install over top of the last version, and if you’re on Mac you can just drag the new app package into the same folder and overwrite the old one. In both cases, all your extensions and preferences will be carried over.

  11. hkongm says:

    This is what I want!! Thank you all!

  12. Murugavel says:

    Great feature and Nice timing to give this feature.
    Also I worried about downloading the brackets each and every time when i have an update and also its annoying to uninstall my previous version of brackets and installing new version.
    Why do we need to do this? Why can’t us get updates directly without uninstalling and re-installing brackets?

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  14. Jesn says:

    great thing. but i think it would be nice to have a built in option generally GIT/FTP support. And what would be nice is the option to create a project from git or ftp source. like File -> New Project from -> Git/FTP,etc.

    i know there are 2-3 plugins for git and ftp. the git plugin is not bad. but especially the ftp plugins are not as good as i want it. no two way synchonisation and other mistakes. an visual ftp browsing window would nice too, to select the right folder there.

    what about this? is this planned or not? hope you can tell me something:)

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  18. StfAlx says:

    I’m trying to create multiple cursors with CTRL + ARROW KEYS [UP & DOWN] but it’s not working. Why combine input from two peripherals [ALT + DRAG from mouse (CLICK + MOVE) ] these are 3 actions for to use multiple cursors. It’s a bad practice.

    Please implement CTRL + ARROW keys for multiple cursors.

    Or if it works with CTRL + ARROW … how can i use it?

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  20. Artem says:

    Ctrl + B??? Really? omg…

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