Brackets 0.41 Release (Replace Across Files)

The latest Brackets release is out, introducing a much-requested feature: the ability to replace text across multiple files in one batch.

Replace In Files
The new multi-file Replace In Files works like a blend of the existing Find In Files and single-file Replace commands. Start by selecting Find > Replace In Files (or right-click a folder and select Replace In… to limit the scope):

Using the Replace In Files bar, you can choose which files to search (using the same “exclusion sets” as in Find In Files) and set your search & replacement text (using all the same options as available in the single-file Replace bar). But Brackets doesn’t modify any files yet – first you get an opportunity to review all the matches and filter out ones you don’t want to modify:

Once you’re done, click the Replace button in the panel header to replace all the selected matches. By default, Brackets will leave all these replacements as unsaved changes – so you can Undo if needed. But if more than 20 files are involved, Brackets avoids flooding your workspace with open documents by performing the replacement directly on disk. You’ll always be warned in this case, since such replacements can’t be reverted via Undo:

Note: if you like the bottom panel’s checklist of replacements, you can use it for single-file replace too! Either right-click a file and choose Replace In…, or start a regular single-file Replace and click the “Batch…” button (formerly named “All…”):

Lastly, we took this opportunity to considerably clean up and consolidate our find/replace-related code. This will make further improvements in the future much easier – look for more to come!

Other Changes
Stability improvements – In the past, certain JS files have caused Brackets to freeze or become sluggish while analyzing the file for code hint information. Now, files that take too long to process are automatically ignored (code hints will still show, but they will reflect only what was gleaned from the other files in the project).

Renaming files – There’s now another way to rename files in Brackets: in the file tree, click the selected file a second time to rename it. This is similar to how the Windows Explorer and OS X Finder file views work.

Community Contributions

Summer Break
Lastly, a quick reminder: Adobe members of the Brackets team will be on break the week of June 30 – July 4, so responses to bug reports & pull requests may be delayed.

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  1. […] Brackets release 0.41 with replace across files […]

  2. Cail says:

    Live preview seems to be not working, at all.
    Only way i can see the changes (while Live Preview is on in Brackets) is to hit Ctrl+S to save, and then go onto the Chrome window (Opened by Brackets) and hit refresh.

    Where did the Live Preview go?

    Win 8.1 x64, Brackets 0.41, Chrome 35.0.1916.153 m.

    • Peter Flynn says:

      Cail, check out the Live Preview documentation to understand the options & limitations of Live Preview, then try these troubleshooting suggestions. If that still doesn’t work, please file a bug and include as much detail as possible about your project setup, what type of files you’re editing, what color the Live Preview “lightning bolt” icon is when you’re editing the files, etc. Does Live Preview work with the basic canned Getting Started project, for example? That would be good to know. If that does work, what differs between that & your project?). Also check the Console view under Debug > Show Developer Tools to see if any errors are listed.

  3. Ardeshir says:

    Wow, Forget Sublime!! I Love Brackets <3

  4. Deedee says:

    Since 0.41 braces doesn’t auto close any more.
    Great editor anyway!

  5. CJ says:

    Just updated to 0.41 on Win 7. Under View menu tab there is no Themes menu. Themes in the extension manager are saying that a newer version is required (0.42) but there is not 0.42 yet.

    What gives?

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