Brackets 1.0 and Extract for Brackets (Preview) Now Available

1.0, we did it! This is a big milestone for the Brackets project. Right now you can grab version 1.0 of Brackets, as well as a preview of Extract for Brackets, an extension that Adobe has been working on. Extract for Brackets (Preview) speeds up the process of pulling design information like colors, fonts, and measurement info out of a PSD and turning it into clean, minimal CSS.
When we first started Brackets we wanted to release early and often. We did both. This will mark the 45th release of Brackets in 3 years. In those early releases we acknowledged that there were a number of features Brackets was missing so we warned that it was still early and not necessarily ready for every day use. But in the past 3 years we’ve been very busy adding features to help make Brackets a world class text-editor. Declaring this release as 1.0 is our way of telling the world that Brackets is ready.

What’s New in 1.0?

We’ve been busy over the last few releases adding a number of major features. If you haven’t looked at Brackets in a while, now is a great time to see the awesome stuff we’ve been working on. We’ve added multiple cursors, split view, theme support, and many more fixes and enhancements. This release includes support for custom key bindings so you can change the shortcut key combinations that Brackets uses. This wiki page describes how to customize them and includes example key bindings that align Brackets’ keyboard shortcuts with the ones you might be used to in Sublime Text.

This release also includes the ability to collapse Quick Edit results so you can hide results from files that you don¹t want to edit,like the generated CSS files when you¹re working with LESS or SCSS files. We’ve also made JavaScript hinting more accurate by matching by case when filtering.

Extract for Brackets Preview

Extract for Brackets (Preview)

In addition to Brackets 1.0 we’re also releasing a preview of Extract for Brackets. Extract for Brackets is a Creative Cloud service that lets you view and get information and assets out of a PSD right from your text
editor. Extract for Brackets lets you pull out things like colors, fonts, measurement, gradients, and more from a PSD in the form of contextual code hints in CSS and HTML files. You can also extract layers as images, use information from the PSD to define preprocessor variables, and easily get dimensions between objects. We’re excited about how this will improve the process of moving from design to development and speed up workflow. You can either download Extract for Brackets (Preview) as a standalone extension on the Brackets Extension Registry or included with Brackets 1.0 in a bundle that’s available for download on

What’s Next?

While we’re very excited about 1.0, we are also treating this like any other release, so we’ll continue to release often and will be doing the next Brackets release in 3-4 weeks. As mentioned in this blog post we are going to be slightly changing the things that the Adobe team works on. We think there is an unmet need for a coding tool that supports design and we think that Adobe has a lot of expertise in that area. We will continue to work on core features and to support the community’s work on Brackets, but we also want to build the perfect editor for web designers and front end developers that are creating or implementing designs in code. Some of the things we’re going to be working on are improving our preprocessor support, making SVG editing more powerful, and adding more visual inline editors.

Thank You

Since putting Brackets up on GitHub 3 years ago we’ve seen a great deal of momentum, largely thanks to our community. Our releases regularly see over 100,000 downloads, there have been 245 people who have contributed code directly to Brackets, and we¹re currently the 16th most starred project on GitHub with 18,566 stars. Those are humbling numbers and we’re excited to be working with all of you on making Brackets a success. We’ve also seen over 400 extensions and over 75 themes created in that time, all of which grow the reach and feature set of Brackets. To those of you who have taken the time to write extensions, contribute code, file issues, or even just try out Brackets, we want to say thanks. We couldn’t have done this without you and we are looking forward to continuing to move Brackets forward with you!

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  1. Martijn says:

    I wish Extract wouldn’t use the cloud. Because it makes it impossible to do anything on the go. I assume an internet connection is required for it to work.

    I’m sure the same functionality can (in theory at least) be achieved with libraries that come with a local installation of Photoshop.

  2. Trezy says:

    I am so stoked for the 1.0 release! You guys have been doing an amazing job on this fantastic front end tool and I am looking forward to everything to come. Thank you!

  3. Jonathan says:

    can some one explain better how brackets manage less-scss-sass preprocessors?

    • Peter Flynn says:

      Features like Quick Edit and code hints and the Extract add-on work pretty much exactly the same in LESS & SCSS as they do in CSS. Live Preview works very similarly too if you install an extension to add support for live-compiling it. This video has more details & demos at about the 35-minute mark.

  4. NickLaros says:

    this is Amazing. Good job guys..

  5. brayan says:

    I want to use files from my hard drive.

  6. christian says:

    Awesome. Congrats to the whole team on shipping v1.0!

  7. Alex says:

    Just tried extract for Brackets and it’s really awesome !
    Will it always only run with .psd ? Or maybe one day with sketch ?

    Good work guys ! 🙂

  8. Morten says:

    I love the sublime text editor but I’d better try this editor tomorrow ????

  9. MIchael says:

    Sweet. Congrats on a wonderful release. Cheers to you and the rest of the team for rocking such a great resource.

  10. Eric J says:

    Whoohoo! So excited that 1.0 is here, I may have only contributed a few lines but at least i helped a little!

  11. Mike Potter says:

    Congrats on a great release to the whole Brackets team. It looks awesome – great to see Adobe working with the community to make a kick ass product.


  12. Rafael says:

    My reaction to when I realized the site was different “YES YES YES YES YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!”

  13. tony says:

    this is amazing..
    it would be good if i can copy text from psd

  14. Rob Levin says:

    Wow, this is super cool. I’ll definitely be looking closely at this. I currently use RubyMine for work and ST3 for open source projects. Believe it or not, I’ve been looking for a 3rd editor to work in (right now it’s vi in the terminal lol) and I have high hopes for Brackets 1.0

    I too would give feedback that offline PSD would be major. I’m on the Bart train before and after work and I sometimes get a lot going on my side projects. The PSD extract offline would be huge there – jm2c

  15. brayan says:

    so brackets is just a psd extractor

    • Peter Flynn says:

      Nope, Brackets is a full-featured open-source code editor that you can use to edit any text you want. It has lots of great features that are very powerful for editing HTML, CSS (or LESS/SCSS), and JS code. And the Extract add-on gives you tools for extracting CSS, SVG, and images from a PSD. The overall combination is very powerful for front-end web work, but you don’t have to use any of those features — you can just use it as a plain general-purpose text editor if you want.

  16. Tinx says:

    This IDE is really great, I am PHP programmers, but very easy to use, thank you

  17. Reyescult says:

    For YEARS I dreamed of a pure code editor that was as good as DreamWeaver’s, but without the other 99% of the functionality of DreamWeaver I do not use. Brackets has been a God Send for me for the last 6-8 months. I just wished I discovered it sooner. I’ve been preaching the value of this editor to anyone who will listen. Congratulations on the 1.0 release!

  18. gsjha says:

    Congrats Bracket team. Lets try this.

  19. Gagan says:

    Yaay !! Awesome to finally have 1.0. I always have and will continue to ? Brackets !!

  20. We found Brackets one of the best front-end web development tool. We have tweeted about it because we strongly recommend it.

  21. Vladimir says:

    Good job guys. this is Amazing

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  23. […] has just released version 1.0 of Brackets, its free open-source text editor that’s built in HTML, CSS and […]

  24. sharathsjc says:

    downloaded, installed , started working with it and also waiting for another awesome release. congrats team

  25. Marian Chinciusan says:

    This is great news! I did quit Sublime for Brackets about one month ago!

  26. Aldo says:

    What’s the difference between adobe edge relofw and brackets?

  27. Renjith says:

    Waiting For Brackets 1.0 T-shirt 🙂

  28. is it possible to live preview a website that is based on AngularJS and NodeJS? Basically any website that uses a JS framework and a templating engine?

  29. […] has just released version 1.0 of Brackets, its free open-source text editor that’s built in HTML, CSS and […]

  30. […] has just released version 1.0 of Brackets, its free open-source text editor that’s built in HTML, CSS and […]

  31. Skyflyer Eagleman says:

    Just Open the Amazing design of future mind! Great step of editing web and making next Age!

  32. Skyflyer Eagleman says:

    Miss typing : future > feature

  33. Ben says:

    Yes, that’s great! I’m still missing a direct update function. Any chance…?

  34. […] has just released version 1.0 of Brackets, its free open-source text editor that’s built in HTML, CSS and […]

  35. Sherida says:

    Congrats to the Brackets team!

  36. Andrew Ferguson says:

    Congratulations! I love this editor but noticed CTRL+F no longer works. Anyone else having this issue?

  37. pushpavathi says:

    what is the way to upload bootstrap 3 files in brackets text editor

  38. Janak Shrestha says:

    It’s not too long that I used it. The ability to edit and have seen changes instantly is the best part I loved it. I got it that it developer should not be opening developer mode but don’t you think it shouldn’t be that way because chrome let us use mobile emulator to check for responsive. I hope in next release we can use developer mode during live preview.

    And the new release with the much better function using PSD’s from creative cloud is awesome. I’ve been think that if that could be possible. And here you guys did it. Thanks for the this awesome feature. It’s better this way too but what I think is it would be more better if we could use PSD’s from our local drive.

    Hope to get that feature soon and much more interesting stuffs within it.

  39. Martin Coull says:

    Outside of a city internet become a hit a button and wait affair. It just took 1.3 hours to down load Brackets! So how about an an off line version it sound just what I require.

  40. Are there any plans for integrating an FTP client inside brackets?

  41. pooya says:

    Brackets software is very powerful. Which is developing every day.
    DatamWeb group is pleased that the application uses.
    Version 1.0 of the software is also one of the wonders of graphics and coding are implemented.

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  43. joel says:

    Later it will support gbk encoding?

  44. Hector says:

    The extension was something I’ve been waiting for so long, but for me does not work. Simply, it doesn’t. When I try to install the extension with the extension panel, it loads, but show me an error. It’s very frustrating. Anyway, I hope in the future enjoy this awesome tool, so thank you so much.

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  46. Daniel says:

    Would love to see a portable version of this (I can’t currently install .msi stuff on my work machine (day job not as a developer)).

  47. Enrique says:

    Excellent work ! thanks to everyone that has made a contribution and that also promotes this awesome product!

  48. Beckmeier says:

    Thank you a lot for pointing that Extract needs cloud connection. I didn’t know if I should download the new version with or without that tool, but this argument made my decision.

  49. Roger says:

    I’m currently using Adobe Edge Code CC (Preview). Will this be updated with Brackets 1.0 soon? Or am I better just using Brackets without Adobe Edge? Thanks.

  50. Vipul Sharma says:

    yeah it whould be grt if it will support local psd files too

  51. James says:

    Awesome work the with Brackets 1.0 release, I’ve been using it for a while now and nearly forgot it was still in beta. Extract looks interesting but who still uses photoshop over illustrator for web design… where is support for illustrator? Would make a lot more sense.

  52. […] has been working on an extension for Brackets called Extract. Extract for Brackets is now available for preview and in this post I’m going to share my experience with this new […]

  53. Wenting says:

    Do you guys have plans to support Sketch as you did with the psd files? My team has moved away from photoshop for UI design, and such functionality will be really helpful to ease the workload of producing the styleguide. Sketch seems easier to support since there are already plugins does that within the software. Interested in knowing the future about bracket with sketch.

  54. […] este lanzamiento como 1.0 es nuestra forma de decirle al mundo que Brackets está listo”, subrayan sus […]

  55. Chris Thomas says:

    Any chance for live support with other browsers? I love Chrome but the new Mozilla Developer edition is pretty nifty and I think that’d be awesome if I could live preview in that.

  56. Quan says:

    This Brackets is really great! But…
    There are some psd files that Extract for Brackets isn’t display enough layers.
    Here is example:
    the eye icon is turned on!
    Please let me know if this is a bug or something else.
    Thank you!

  57. Chris Rault says:

    This makes me happy 🙂

    I tested Brackets a couple of times in the past and must say, it’s come a dang long way. Really great work guys! Especially loving the inline tools, extensions and overall feel of the editor.

    The fact that you are thinking about adding Sketch support makes me even happier!

  58. Thanks a lot for this, great release, great tool I just love it, keep the great work on going =)!!!!

  59. Russell says:

    I’ve always been super excited about brackets, but as a functional editor, it’s just not enough. I downloaded 1.0 and the first thing I checked was the search, because it’s always been slow and painful. It still is.. Brackets is not going to keep up with WebStorm, Atom, LightTable, Sublime Text, nor LimeText unless it can get the basics fixed.

    Great work so far guys, but this should not have been a 1.0 release. The search functionality is practically unusable due to slowness on anything except a tiny project.

    If there are workarounds or fixes for getting a faster version of brackets, please let me know.

  60. Jeremy says:

    “Some of the things we’re going to be working on are improving our preprocessor support, making SVG editing more powerful, and adding more visual inline editors.”

    Please, please, PLEASE keep Brackets minimal (as it is now), with the above features as add-ons! The whole appeal of Brackets is that it’s bloat-free!

  61. […] que vinha sendo desenvolvido há bastante tempo na Adobe (pouco mais de dois anos), mas que agora chegou à sua versão 1.0, […]

  62. […] Brackets 1.0 Release : Brackets 1.0? ??? ????. ??? PSD ???? ???, ?? ?? ??? ??? ? ?? Extract for Brackets ???? ? ? ??????. […]

  63. I can’t wait for an iPad version. I’m looking for the perfect editor to use via iPad. Brackets would be amazing!

  64. Ranmacar says:

    I’ve been using it for some time now, and it’s great… but witch each release I kinda hope touch events will get even slightly usable. 1.0 and still nothing. Do you need help with it? 🙂

  65. Don Peterson Umoke says:

    I wish your next release could be able to connect to an online server and be able to manipulate files just like as thought the files were locally served on my computer, that is without the users using a plugin or extension of sort

  66. Eran says:

    This editor is awesome !!! I use sublime and I like this one better !!
    One request though – will this editor support php ?

  67. Arthur says:

    it will be so great

  68. Bustback says:

    Brackets is awesome and as an interactive designer/developer the Extract looked really promising. I tested parfait a ton but, in the end, being a climoud service is a complete blocker for me to use it.

    I’d be happier with the minimally functional early preview extension over a year or so old than a web service. I assume that you guys have heard from the enterprise crowd that generally disallows any form of cloud assets?

    I will certainly play with it but as a cloud service it could never be used for work, which is a bummer.

  69. jwd. says:

    Unfortunately the program can’t be used under OX X 10.6.8.

  70. This release is AMAZING! QUESTION though….so how do you use the CTRL + Space command to get css hints if you’re on a Mac? Using Command + Space doesn’t work 🙁

  71. Matt Magi says:

    Im still not clear on how to load a PSD into brackets? Any tutorials?

  72. Robin says:

    Live Preview looks really good.
    Will be giving it a go soon.

  73. Jakub says:

    Editor is really good, I started to using it and it’s awesome. I found one anoing thing in extract for brackets preview. Usually I’m using Alt+X to write #. But this is shortcut for showing/hiding extract for brackets preview. Please can someone help me and tell me how to change/remove this shortcut? I can’t find it in key map and KeyBindingManager. Thanks a lot!

  74. daniel says:

    Wait a moment, Extract works only on uploaded PSD?
    Why so? i was so excited to see this.

  75. Tiago Correia says:

    I’m have a problem with Extract.
    When I copy text from my PSD the words with accents don’t work.
    I have something like this: Fabrica?º?úo, Venda e Intala?º?úo
    My page have UFT-8 and my language is Portuguese.
    Someone help me?

  76. Jerry says:

    I though there would be frequent releases.I been using almost a month and there hasn’t been any updates.

    Either way still a great editor to use.

  77. voby says:

    a stupid question one. But is where a code alignment from the box, or I must install some extension. Can’t find anywhere..

  78. upload says:

    Wow it’s great. thanks for sharing

  79. Alexander says:

    Automatic File Discovery & Document Toolbar
    I seriously hate the need to open files one by one when it’s possible to just automatically discover all linked files like it does in Dreamweaver. Hopefully the Brackets team get this feature in asap.

  80. Umut says:

    Am I the only who’s missing a small feature like measuring margin and padding between two elements?

  81. Ahtesham says:

    Just a beginner in web-developing ,find this great application.just love its time to make a marketing video on the Brackets Features, and add thumbs up/down in comment box too,so we all can enjoy more.

  82. unknown says:

    Copy text dont work on linux

  83. luoxi says:

    I hope that the increase in the editing area click on the right mouse button the paste and copy functions, I think of disabled users, if he had only one arm, or only his right hand, then the right mouse button is very important to him, hope my suggestions are useful, thank you!

  84. karimul says:

    Brackets is awesome. Extract for Brackets is greet

  85. TomMalbran says:

    There is an extension for that, search for “Right Click Extended” in the extensions manager

  86. Frank says:

    Does this mean older versions of Photoshop will not be able to use extract?

  87. headbirth says:

    Would love to see an iPad version of Brackets in development soon!

  88. Sami says:

    Seems really great, thanks for your hard work!

    How about Illustrator? I really love using that in my design process rather than Photoshop. Do you see Extract supporting that as well someday?

  89. Chee Sim says:

    Just wanted to say that you guys did an awesome job! Brackets and Extract are redefining the front-end development work flow.

  90. Jason Jermson says:

    I really want to use this, but it is not intuitive at all how to use the Extract feature you’re talking about. I’ve got PS open, I’ve got open, and I can’t for the life of me find a “Here’s how you use the Extract feature”

  91. Milica says:

    Can I change background-color of my site in brackets?Now it’s white colored, I tried but nothing is changed.Thanks

  92. Long Nguyen says:

    i have a question: why my bracket “Live Preview” it does not working? i try to download and install again and still does not work, any tips help me for that i need this for school!

  93. Špedicija says:

    I saw this editor in some video tutorial on you tube….and first thing a liked is live-reload…thats very nice 🙂 Now i read what he also can do…its awesom! I will try it now!

  94. Md Hadi says:

    how can i remove a PSD file form extract…… please any one help ne

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