Brackets 1.1 and Extract for Brackets 0.6 Now Available

On the heels of the 1.0 release we’re very excited to announce the availability of Brackets 1.1 and an update to the Extract for Brackets extension today. The Brackets team is thrilled with the response we had to the 1.0 launch. Brackets 1.0 was downloaded almost 400,000 times in the past 5 weeks. That’s a humbling number and we are looking forward to keeping up the momentum.

Stability, Performance and Other Fixes

The 1.1 release is primarily a release about stability and making sure we continue to have a good foundation. We updated the version of the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) we’re using so that we are now working with a more updated version of Chrome. That means we’ve addressed some bug fixes and users on Windows will now have high DPI support. We also did some work to improve the typing performance with code hints.

As of this version of Brackets you can now define file-type specific preferences by using the language group in your brackets.json file. You can find out more here. You can now also selectively enable specific linters per project by using the .brackets.json file in the root of your file.

Cross-Browser Live Preview

One of the biggest features in this new version of Brackets is experimental support for the next iteration Live Preview which lets you use Live Preview with browsers other than Chrome. This feature was one that the Intel Brackets committers including Sebastian Salvucci and Arzhan Kinzhalin worked hard on and helped us land for this release. Our hope is to make this the default implementation of Live Preview.

To try out the cross-browser Live Preview, you need to enable a preference in your brackets.json file:

  1. Debug->Open Preferences File
  2. Add "livedev.multibrowser": true inside of the curly braces on a new line (make sure to add a comma above it if you add it to the end)
  3. Hit the Live Preview button and Live Preview will open up in your default browser
  4. Copy/Paste the URL from that browser to any other browser
  5. Any Live Preview changes will update across all of the browsers open with that page

Definitely try it out and give us feedback on the new implementation and file any issues you run into.

Extract for Brackets (Preview)

In addition to Brackets 1.1, we’re releasing an update to the Extract for Brackets extension that includes a new getting started experience and a feature that lets you collaborate with a designer who is using the Creative Cloud. You’ll now be able to open a publicly shared Creative Cloud link right from Brackets.

We’ve revamped the initial experience when you launch Extract for Brackets to walk you through how the product works. If you’ve already tried Extract for Brackets but were a bit confused about how to get started you can click the question mark button in the toolbar. You’ll see new tool tips that will take you through how to use Extract for Brackets.

Getting Started with Extract for Brackets (Preview)

Collaborating with Designers

This version of Extract for Brackets also has a feature that makes it easier to collaborate with designers who are already using the Creative Cloud to store their PSDs. If you’re working with a designer they can send you a publicly shared link to a PSD in the Creative Cloud and all you have to do is paste that URL into Brackets and you’ll be able to extract from that PSD.

You can give it a try by copying and pasting this URL: into the updated version of Extract for Brackets.

Open from a public URL

The entire team is excited about both of these releases and building off of the great 1.0 release. A huge thank you to all of our committers and everyone who has filed issues, submitted pull request, and keeps using Brackets. You can see a full list of Brackets changes including community contributions here.

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  3. Luis Gallego says:

    Wow, you can open developer tools now. Amazing update… Thank you 😀

  4. marco_ielli says:

    what about non-CC-based version of extract so I wouldn’t have to collaborate with myself.

  5. Jean-Marc says:

    Some buttons pics (live preview, extension manager, etc…) don’t show up since i installed 1.1 with extract.
    Can you help ?

  6. luoxi says:

    I hope your right mouse button to increase the copy and paste functions; please consider people who cannot use a keyboard shortcut, because he might be disabled, I hope my recommendations were accepted, thank you

  7. ali says:

    thanks for updates
    but why I can open file from cc but not from local , this is a joke . brackets after going to popularity and stability and using by numerous front-end developer now adobe come in for using from opportunity and community.

    adobe with this approach loss game in ui designer software for web. in this time we have new artists.
    we’ll never trusted adobe in open source world.

  8. Altijd says:

    Congratulations on the new release!

  9. Lok3 says:

    For the cross-browser, I love this feature the only thing that would make it amazing is if you could do this across multiple devices. for example you could replace the[port]/index.html with that computers local ip e.g.[port]/index.html on a different device and it would instantly update as well.

  10. Arne says:

    Congrats for the new release.
    I installed Brackets-SASS and I get an error message, don’t know why it isn’t working.
    When I compile sass to css on the terminal by hand it works fine. Maybe I miss a library that is needed by brackets.
    If have node.js installed, Sass, Jade. Do compiling jade and sass is only working in the terminal.
    Here the error I got when saving a sass file :
    Runtime error: Unable to load one of the modules: /Users/arne/Library/Application Support/Brackets/extensions/user/jasonsanjose.brackets-sass/node/1.1.4-2/SASSDomain, reason: dlopen(/Users/arne/Library/Application Support/Brackets/extensions/user/jasonsanjose.brackets-sass/node/1.1.4-2/node_modules/node-sass/bin/darwin-ia32-v8-3.14/binding.node, 1): Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib Referenced from: /Users/arne/Library/Application Support/Brackets/extensions/user/jasonsanjose.brackets-sass/node/1.1.4-2/node_modules/node-sass/bin/darwin-ia32-v8-3.14/binding.node Reason: image not found

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    By the way, the crossbrowser livepreview works like a charm with Firefox 🙂

  11. JaMajk says:

    Unfortunately I couldn’t force livedev.multibrowser to work in brackets sprint 1 build 1.1.0-15558.
    Every time I add the config line, it gets removed after I restart brackets.
    Even w/o restarting I get only notice that chrome isn’t installed.
    Editing the .json file manually and setting file’s flag to “read only” does nothing.
    Any ideas how to make it work ?

  12. Devoted To Brackets says:

    Brackets is incredible but I’m a little disappointed in the inclusion of a cloud-only version of Adobe’s Extract. Probably wouldn’t use a tool like this very often but not being able to load a file locally is a huge oversight that makes this extension useless for those of us who do not wish to rely on the Creative Cloud.

  13. Marcus says:


    Is there any plans to add Sketch support like you have with PSD’s?


  14. Michael says:

    hi guys, i just found out about bracket and i’m looking into it right now. as i see it now it’s a great tool for PSD to Code, but wouldnt it be also possible to do it the other way around: Code to PSD.

    i’m a designer as well as developer and it would be a great improvement for my workflow if i could use the advantages of both worlds. creative freedom of photoshop AND effectiveness and speed of code.

    i’m not talking about the production phase in a project, i’m talking about the design phase.

    do you know what i mean?

    thanks in advance!

  15. ed says:

    Looks good in Linux Mint 17.1. Seems to compile SASS fine. PLEASE keep up development on Linux. Don’t abandon Linux users 🙂

    Great job so far!

  16. Marek says:

    Please update the included version of Nodejs, it’s old and vulnerable.
    I’m very greatful for everything you guys do to make one of the very best opensource tools, but every time you release a new version you also include a vulnerable version of Nodejs. I have no idea if you have very legitimate reasons for this, but I still want to stress this a little. Version 0.10.34 of nodejs released 2014.12.17 was not chosen for this release of Brackets, neither was version 0.10.33 released 2014.10.20 or several other releases down the line that fixes several vulnerabilities. The actual version included is version 0.10.24 from 2013.12.18. What is the reasoning for this?

  17. Karel says:


    I’ve tried Brackets yesterady for the first time and I love it. It is an excellent text editor. I only hate that blue/white/gray icon. In task bar it looks ugly, but in top left corner of the application window, it is an abomination.

    I looked into the API documentation, but I haven’t found any clues how to create an extension to change it.

    I hope this minor thing (but for me quite annoying) will be fixed soon and then Brackets will become the best text editor in the world.

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