Update on the Comp to Code Tool in Brackets

With the launch of Project Parfait in preview, as well as Lee’s open sourcing of his Response tool, I wanted to provide an update on the “Design Comp to Code” tool that we showed last year at Adobe MAX. After a bit of a delay in getting started, we’ve been hard at work turning that vision into a reality as an extension for Brackets. We’ve been able to leverage a lot of work from the Parfait team to bring a comp to code workflow directly into your code editor.

We’re excited about where we’re at now and we’ve recorded a video to share some of the progress we’ve been making. If you’ve seen the MAX video, you’ll see the core features that were in that original vision, as well as some new concepts like code hints for text and generating an asset from multiple layers.

We’ll be doing a private beta of the extension soon and we would love you to be a part of it! If you’re interested in participating, you can fill out the survey here. We’ll be starting small but hope to expand the group fairly quickly after the initial invites.

Over the next couple of months we’ll be sharing more about what features we have planned, so keep an eye on the Brackets blog for updates. We’re looking forward to sharing more of the roadmap and information on the
public preview. Let us know what you think!

=Ryan and the Comp to Code Team

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Brackets Quick Open: That’s No Regex!

Ever since I first used TextMate several years ago, I’ve been hooked on “Quick Open” (the feature that lets you jump to any file in your project with just a few keystrokes). I have worked on Brackets’ version of this feature and I thought I’d take advantage of Brackets being open source to talk about how it works.

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Research: Installing and Managing Brackets Extensions

You may not have noticed, but Brackets has a lot of extensions. These extensions add all kinds of useful capabilities to Brackets (take a look! I bet you’ll find at least one that you’d want). But, I’m sure that many Brackets users aren’t aware of this list of extensions. Even for those who know about the list, it’s inconvenient to install an extension and hard to find out what’s new or keep your extensions up to date.


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Brackets UI Design File (Sprint 19)

To help extension developers design out features, here is a high fidelity Adobe Illustrator file of the Brackets UI (currently Sprint 19). As we continue to enhance the Bracket UI, we’ll try and release new version of the AI.


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Design Draft: Code Hinting


First Design Draft

I personally couldn’t be happier with the open process the team is using to develop Brackets. Following their lead I will be doing my best to keep the design process as open as is useful by posting design drafts for new or planned features here on the blog. If you have any feedback on these design proposals feel free to respond in the comments, ping me on twitter, or find me in the Brackets IRC channel (garthdb).

Code Hinting

Currently the Brackets team is implementing an initial version of code hinting. This post outlines user experience design in connection with this feature.

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