New Committer – Swagatam Mitra

This is WAY long overdue as he has already been quite busy making Brackets better, but I want to formally introduce our newest Brackets committer, Swagatam Mitra. Swagatam was responsible for the split view (same document) feature and improving JavaScript hinting in Release 1.6.

And here’s some more about Swagatam in his own words:

I am a software developer by profession. Started carrier as a Data warehouse and Business Intelligence analyst and then moved on to server side programming in Java. After a few years I started embedded programming for Set top boxes and followed it for a while.

I got introduced to web technologies and open source in 2014 and eventually it was Brackets to start with. I really love Brackets for its simplicity and extendibility. Got hooked onto web technologies ever since and to learn DOM manipulation and styling developed an extension “html-designer” on Brackets for designing web pages/applications using HTML/CSS.

Apart from Computers, I love automobiles and photography.

You can of course find him on Github and also on Twitter. Please join me in giving him a warm welcome.

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Love what you create

I love what you create

My name is Peter Thiess and I’m the engineering manager of the Brackets core team and a few related initiatives here at Adobe. After more than a decade developing proprietary software, it’s my pleasure to work on a project like Brackets and really exciting that Adobe has invested in this open source project.
Ever since I worked with tools like KDevelop and Subversion, or libraries like curl, the passion and dedication of Open Source contributors like Daniel Stenberg, have encouraged me to believe that there is a humble and humane force behind coding. Open Source is social coding and has always been, but it never felt as close as with Github; respect — you guys changed the world, yeah!

Individuals like Marijn Haverbeke or Tomás Malbrán have gained my deepest respect while working on Brackets. In addition, every single contributor to Brackets thrills and motivates me and my team every day. Not that one needs a lot of additional motivation to work on Brackets. It’s a real honor and a lot of fun to work with such smart engineers and an astonishing community. I love what you create! more

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