Brackets 0.40 Release (Find Exclusion Sets)

Article by: Kevin Dangoor

Brackets 0.40 Release (Find Exclusion Sets)

We’ve shipped a new and improved Brackets! If you don’t see an automatic update notification for it, be sure to manually “Check for Updates” from the Help menu, because there was a bug preventing update notifications from appearing under some circumstances. This bug is fixed in 0.40, so you should be all set after this one.

Exclusion Sets

The biggest improvement in the new release is the ability to manage multiple “exclusion sets”. Previously, you could exclude files and folders from searches. It’s often the case that you need to exclude different files depending on the project you’re working on or even within a single project if you’re searching either the client side code or the server side code, for example. The new Find in Files bar supports that:

Exclusion sets in Find in Files

Why exclude files? Brackets file search has gotten much faster since we introduced caching a few releases back. Even so, if you can reduce the files that Brackets needs to search, you’ll speed up those searches even more. But, more importantly, excluding files you know are not interesting improves your search results and lets you focus on the matches you truly need.

The New UI

Where there used to be a button to modify the list of excluded files, now there’s a drop down menu.

New Exclusion Set… opens up the editing dialog to create a new exclusion set.

Don’t Exclude Files turns off the exclusions and tells Brackets you want to search all files in the project.

Below those two items is a list of your saved exclusion sets. The currently selected one has a checkmark next to it. You can edit any of these previously used sets by hovering over that item and clicking the pencil icon that appears.

Editing Exclusion Sets

Edit Exclusion Set dialog

The Edit Exclusion Set dialog lists the wildcards for files you wish to exclude, as it did before. New in this release is the ability to give the set of exclusions a name, making it easier to identify in the menu. Also new is a display of how many files in your project will be searched, giving you an idea of how effective your filter is. In the screenshot above, Brackets will only search 27% of the files in the project (which is Brackets itself). If I remove node_modules from the list of exclusions, I see this:

I jump to searching 76% of the files in the project. It’s easy to see that I’m saving myself a lot of searching. Even better, this can give me an indication that I may have typed something wrong if the effect on the number of files to search is more or less than I expected. Enter just “*” and you’ll see the number of files to search drop to zero!

API Documentation

Brackets committer Chema Balsas has put together a program for generating Brackets API documentation. He and Randy Edmunds worked together recently to get the docs cleaned up and online. There’s still some room for improvement, but we wanted to spread the word because these docs are already a big win for extension developers. Check out the Command Manager docs, for example, for a details on how commands are added to Brackets.

CommandManager Docs

Community Contributions

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