Brackets 1.13 is now available

Article by: Rajnish Bharti

Brackets 1.13 is now available

We’re back with another exciting update for Brackets! Here’s a quick summary of all the features in Brackets 1.13

Organize Files/Folders in File Tree

  • You can now manipulate folder structures from within Brackets. Move a file/folder from one folder to another with a simple drag and drop.

Open Remote Files

  • You can now open a remotely hosted web-page from within Brackets. Use Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-O shortcut and supply a URL to quickly open the file and review the code within Brackets.


  • You can now automatically update Brackets, without leaving the code editor. Earlier, one had to launch a browser, open the Brackets website, download and install the latest version. However, Brackets can now be updated with just a few clicks from within the app.

Download it here.

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