Brackets 1.14.2 is now available!

Article by: Narayani M

Brackets 1.14.2 is now available!

The Brackets 1.14.2 release brings in a new enhancement which enables you to open any arbitrary file type with external applications. In User Preferences settings, you can associate a file extension to open with the system default associated application or open with a specific application.

You can add/modify/delete the file type associations by going to “Debug->Open Preferences File” menu and editing the preference “externalApplications”.

Here are the possible values for file type associations:

  1. default (Brackets will open the files in system default application for the file type)
  2. Application Name
  3. Application absolute path.

On opening a folder which has graphic file types, for the first time you will be prompted with option to associate graphic file types: .psd, .jpg, .ai, .svg, .png, .xd with their default applications (feature reference workflow). Once the association is saved in Brackets preferences, you will be able to double click & open these files types in their associated applications.

10 responses to “Brackets 1.14.2 is now available!”

  1. horrible editor ! I don’t want it to put things in red and it goes writing part of my file which was all black in the first place and then goes and shows parts in black and then goes showing it in red and then black again and so on and one has NO control over this! No preferences nor configure option. Also one has no choice of font.

  2. can someone please provide the location of the complied installers as does not show this. Thanks Michael

  3. Hey, I would like to see where the installer for Linux is available for downloading. GitHub redirects to but I can’t find any downloadable links there. Assets section in releases only has .dmg, .msi and source tarballs

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