Brackets 1.2 Now Available

Article by: Ryan Stewart

Brackets 1.2 Now Available

Brackets 1.2 is out and has a bunch of really fantastic features that users have been asking for for a while. Between a longer than usual winter break for Adobe and ramping up new team members, and fixing some last minute Linux issues, this release took a bit longer than expected, but we hope you enjoy it!

New Features

A couple of things you’ll immediately see are that we now offer CSS color name code hints thanks to Marcel Gerber so when you type the color property in CSS you’ll see a list of W3C color names with a swatch. Marcel also added syntax highlighting for the Dart language so when you open a Dart file you should see things highlighted correctly. This release also makes working with SVG files easier thanks to the SVG code hints that were added by Amin Ullah Khan. Just open up an SVG file, start typing, and you’ll see code hints for tags and properties. A couple of other things from the team include scrollbar tick marks that sill show the location of find/replace matches and make it easy to jump to them. We added common named keys like PageUp, PageDown, Home, etc, to the key binding list so that you can use those names in your custom key bindings or extensions. Finally, Brackets now looks great on Windows High-DPI screens. One of the things we’re most excited about is that we’ve got an initial implementation of moving selected text via drag and drop thanks again to Marcel Gerber. We have a couple of small things we want to fix before it goes on by default, but you can start using the feature now by adding the dragDropText property to your brackets.json preference file (Debug->Open Preferences File). It doesn’t exist by default so you’ll have to add this entire line to the bottom of your file (make sure to add a comma to the line above it so it stays a valid JSON file):

"dragDropText": true

The community really, really stepped up on this release and you can see all of the fixes, features, and translations that were contributed in the full release notes.

What’s Next

We’re going to get cranking on the 1.3 release right away. One of the major things we’ll be doing is finally starting to work on the Health Data report proposal. So we can share information about how people are using Brackets and where people are seeing issues that we need to address. I’ll be sharing more information about that over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again to the entire Brackets community. Happy Coding!


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