Brackets 1.3 Release Is Here

Article by: Ryan Stewart

Brackets 1.3 Release Is Here

We’re very happy to announce that Brackets 1.3 is available as of today with some great new features and the first implementation of the Brackets Health Report which will go a long way towards helping us improve Brackets and providing extension authors with helpful information about how you all are using Brackets.

Command Line

One of the most requested Brackets features has been to allow launching it from the command line. As of 1.3, that’s possible! On Windows, when you install Brackets, you’ll be given the option to add Brackets to the right click context menu as well as adding Brackets to your PATH. On Mac, you can install the command line tools by going to File->Install Command Line Shortcut.

Once you’ve done that, you should be able to launch Brackets from the terminal (on Mac) or command prompt (on Windows) with the brackets command. Following brackets with the name of a file or folder will open that file/folder in Brackets. You can get more information, as well as troubleshooting info, on the Command Line Tools wiki page.

Code Folding

Thanks to the major effort by Patrick Oladimeji, the original author of the Brackets Code Folding extension, we’ve brought the feature into core so now every user has access to code folding without the need for an extension.

The core feature works the same way as the original extension and now the preferences have been brought into the core preferences system and you can see how to set them on the preferences page.

Thanks again to Patrick for his help on the feature and his enthusiasm for getting it into core.

Brackets Health Data

As I mentioned, this release of Brackets includes the start of our Brackets Health Data collection. As Peter Flynn mentioned in the blog post, the goal is to collect anonymous, aggregated data with an eye on improving Brackets as well as providing more information to the community about how people are using Brackets.

You can opt out any time, as well as see what data we’re sending, by going to Help->Health Report.

Other Fixes

This release also fixes a nasty bug on Windows that affected the scroll behavior. We also now highlight Angular templates correctly as plain HTML and we’ve improved our indenting behavior. You can see the full list of fixes over on the Release Notes page.

Community Contributions

As always, a huge thanks to our contributors for this release:

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