Brackets 2017 Survey : Results

Article by: Rajnish Bharti

Brackets 2017 Survey : Results

We recently conducted a survey among Brackets users. It was open for a limited time and we had 2500+ participants. As promised, we are sharing what we learned.


We had participants from 130 countries.

Age Group

64% of the participants are less than 30 years of age.


Most Brackets users are Freelancers or Self-Employed.


Most of the participants identified themselves with the title “Full Stack Web Developer”.

Popular JS Frameworks used by developers

jQuery continues to be the most popular framework.

Which Build system do they use?

42% of the participants use build tools.

Which CSS processing tool do they prefer?

56% of the participants use a CSS processing tool.

How many of them use Design Tools?

60% of the participants use design tool.

What are they using the design tools for ?

Which Design Tools are they using (Top 10) ?

What are the services they pay for?

We thank all Brackets users who participated in this survey.

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