Brackets at MAX 2013

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets at MAX 2013

Every year Adobe puts on a giant conference called MAX in support of creative professionals. This year, Adobe has invited the Brackets community to get involved and we couldn’t be more excited. We have several sessions and activities planned that involve Brackets, so we hope to see you there. If you are still on the fence about attending MAX, maybe some Brackets-open-source-awesomeness will convince you.

Adobe MAX


Several members of the Brackets team will be presenting at MAX. Most of the talks are about Brackets, but we’re also sharing our experiences in building a large JavaScript application with the community. Here is a rundown of sessions you shouldn’t miss:

  • Hack Your Editor: Contributing to Brackets
    Glenn Ruehle (Monday 2:00 PM – Room 511C)
    Join one of the most popular open source projects on and contribute to the code editor dedicated to improving web development and design. This session will provide everything you need to start hacking on Brackets and contributing to the project.
  • Brackets: An Open Source Code Editor for the Web
    Adam Lehman (Tuesday 2:30 PM – Room 512)
    Learn about Brackets, a new open source project started by Adobe to push tooling on the web forward. Built in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, Brackets is MIT licensed and developed openly on GitHub. This session will provide an overview of the project and describe how to get involved.
  • Extending Brackets w/ JavaScript
    Kevin Dagnoor (Tuesday 2:30 PM – Room 511A)
    The Brackets open source project provides a playground for experimenting with new ideas in web tooling. Built in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, anything is possible through Brackets extensions. This session will take you through the necessary steps to build your first extension.
  • Space Age Miracle Tools: Experiments w/ Brackets
    Panel hosted by Jason San Jose (Wednesday 3:30 PM – Room 510)
    Join the Brackets community for a showcase of bleeding-edge experiments in web development and design tooling. This demo-only session is packed with some of the best ideas from the web community and Adobe.
  • Practical JavaScript
    Peter Flynn (Wednesday 5:00 PM – Room 502A)
    Learn pragmatic techniques for building JavaScript apps that are robust, maintainable, and fast. Explore new tools that can improve your coding productivity, and take a peek at what’s coming down the road.
  • Intro to Adobe Edge Code
    Ryan Stewart (Tuesday 8:30 AM – Room 502B)
    Learn about Adobe Edge Code, a lightweight editor with features that focus on productivity for web developers. This session will cover how to use the core features of Edge Code, as well as how to enhance it with extensions.

Brackets and PhoneGap Hack-a-Lounge

We’re teaming up with our friends on the PhoneGap Apache Cordova team to provide a space for the community to hang out. Away from the distractions in the expo hall, the PhoneGap and Brackets team will host a “Contributors Lounge” from 1-6PM on Monday and Tuesday.

Committers from the Brackets and PhoneGap project will be on-hand to answer questions and help merge your pull requests. We will also be offering impromptu sessions to get you up-to-speed on the projects.

The lounge is located by the entrance of the L.A. Convention Center and will have tables, couches, a whiteboard, power and WiFi – a great environment to write some code. Because the contributor lounge is located outside of the expo hall, you won’t need a MAX badge to attend! If you are in LA and want to contribute to PhoneGap or Brackets, please consider joining us.

Registration is not required if you have a MAX badge, but it will guarantee you an exclusive Brackets “Self Help” t-shirt. Go ahead and register, it’s free! For more information about the hackathon, check out the official site:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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