Brackets EOL notice

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Brackets EOL notice

Adobe is committed to delivering exceptional software and services to our customers. It is in our nature to innovate and try new things, and it was in this spirit that we introduced Brackets, a modern open-source code editor for HTML, CSS, and Javascript, in 2014. Brackets was among the first web-based code editors, but the market has matured and other solutions have eclipsed some of the roles Brackets had focused on. As we re-focus on products that broadly provide our customers with the most value, Adobe is announcing the end of support for Brackets as of September 1, 2021.

If you would like to continue using, maintaining, and improving Brackets, you may fork the project on GitHub. Adobe will no longer contribute to the Brackets project or resolve any pull requests or issues contributed via the community on Github starting on March 1, 2021 and will archive the project from GitHub on September 1, 2021.

Through Adobe’s partnership with Microsoft, we encourage users to migrate to Visual Studio Code, a free and extensible code editor from Microsoft for macOS, Linux, and Windows. To support Brackets users and ease the transition, Visual Studio Code recently added extensions that will help Brackets users feel more at home, including adding Brackets keyboard shortcut mapping to Visual Studio Code. You can read more about migrating from Brackets to Visual Studio Code here.

All user data hosted in the extensions registry will be deleted on September 1, 2021. We encourage extension developers to download their data by clicking on the extension name before this date.

We thank our community of more than a million users and extension developers for your support.

41 responses to “Brackets EOL notice”

  1. That makes me really sad, i’ve been using brackets for the past 5years and i absolutely loved it. RIP Brackets

  2. I will continue to use Brackets because all live preview extensions for VS Code are joke in comparison. Even without support, Brackets is still miles ahead of others for HTML and CSS editing.

  3. Understandable, yet sad. Brackets served me well since it came out and even though I’ve been gladly using other code editors (such as VS Code) alongside it, it had a handful of features and quirks not found elsewhere.

    Thanks to the team who worked on it all these years. Hopefully the open source community will pick it up.

  4. there is no editer with real LIVE PREVIEW except brackets. even VS CODE don’t have this great feature. don’t you go. keep me code with this.

  5. Makes me sad as well. I still use Brackets all the time, especially for front-end web development. Plus I have a history as a past contributor. One of my all time favorite open source projects and editors. Sorry to see it go :(.

  6. Honestly I was fairly surprised and very saddened by this message appearing in the editor yesterday. Back in 2015 (when starting my Computer Science B.S.) a friend randomly suggested Brackets as a great text editor. So ever since then it’s been my go-to for both macOS and Windows.

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who had a hand in creating and improving Brackets over the past several years–you all have made something that’s helped in defining our workflows :]

  7. sadness! as a beginning web designer, Brackets (specifically the Live Update feature) has been invaluable in understanding how CSS and HTML interact. being able to see how changes to CSS are reflected on the DOM without having to [save > switch windows > refresh > realize i missed a semi-colon > switch windows > save again > switch again > and refresh again] made learning much more streamlined and headache-free. as an earlier post mentioned, in spite of VSCode rapidly becoming the de facto IDE standard, its currently available live preview extensions are nowhere near as good. hopefully the community will step up and keep this project going!

  8. RIP the live preview feature was so awesome and I was so proud to get myself in the about screen for my tiny contribution.

    The project died for me when they took a pause to integrate it with Dreamweaver. Then vs code came out and actually kept innovating and I switched.

  9. Cliqued Media is designing website for its customer since 2006, we love your editor and we offer you our full support where ever you need

  10. Hi,
    Currently, we have announced Brackets as EOL and the support will end on Sep 1, 2021.

    Brackets Team

  11. VS Code is nowhere near Brackets in terms of usability. Recommending it is like recommending that you hack something together yourself in Terminal. Anybody that knows of a decent (free) code editor for macOS now that Bracket is gone?

  12. I discovered Brackets back 2016 It was love at first sight now It is hard to say good bye. I hope there is a change in the current situation. This is a bad dream.
    Thank you for the excellent work bracket’s team and community.

  13. use instead of Visual Studio – I have had a look and it not at all intuitive. This is a dreadful mistake by Adobe

  14. This is awful. I teach Web Design and I exclusively use Brackets. VS Code, like others have said, is nowhere near Brackets. We are an Apple-only school so this is super problematic. I echo what R said: anyone know of a good (free) macOS code editor?

  15. Tough for all teachers using Brackets with extensions and live preview for beginner classes in HTML and CSS. This was easy to use, install, and worked on Macs that students all have. Bad decision for education for sure!

  16. very sad news, as said before: for learning html and css currently there is no alternative to brackets. VScode can not replace brackts, it has a completeley different approach, suffers from a very unfriendliy, cluttered and inconsistent UI and lacks important functionality as regards the interaction between code and browser – for didactic purposes this is essential. for years students relied on brackets to learn how web clients work. has the industry lost interest in promoting “web standards” and spraeding literacy for the web?

  17. Even after EOL if I can continue to use Brackets I will, with or without support. Hopefully someone in the dev community will either continue to develop and improve it, or learn from the valuable and powerful features it provides. Code is king and Brackets supports this. Thank you to the dev team who created this outstanding software! Kudos!

  18. Alguém sabe me dizer se o brackets a partir de setembro, vai ser cancelado, ou se apenas não vai mais ter suporte pra ele? Eu recém to aprendendo html por ele e se eu mudar de programa não vou saber nada.

  19. You ARE better!! No need to kill it!
    Other solutions are clumsy, fat, bad for laptop screens, totally ugly in comparison.
    And not necessarily smarter in things that matter.

    I do have all the other ones, including the more expensive ones, like WebStorm.
    It is not true it is ‘smarter’ it is just, if you read carefully The Smartest JavaScript IDE “by” JetBrains (as in the smartest that this company makes). But it is utterly non-sense as compared to Brackets many regards!! It cannot even highlight properly when colouring, you function names!!!! This is very anti-JS!!

    Covid times have made us a lot more sensitive, but happier times will come.
    Please don’t rush into killing this wonderful Product!!

    If you wish just put a ‘save brackets’ contribution button, so people can donate to it! Just don’t killing, and please put back a download button somewhere, because the nice thing about it, it is that is a pleasure to use to everyone, not just people-that-know-to-compile-in-windows people!

    Thanks a million!

  20. I have to admit I’ve switched to VS Code (which is great nowadays btw) quite some time ago. But Brackets was the first code editor I used so I have to give it credit for introducing me to web development! Sad to see it go.

    Thanks for making Brackets, it was a good editor and I’m sure it has influenced the market into the right direction. Without Brackets, we probably wouldn’t be where we are today!


  21. To all the folks saying VS Code doesn’t have hot reload, I’ve used the Live Server extension for years and it works excellently. Not sure if it’s exactly the same as Brackets’ built-in feature, but it works very well and people seem to be happy with it.

  22. I tried VS Code and Brackets and there is a huge difference between both Liver Server and Live View. In Brackets, when you touch a specific part of the code, Live View scrolls directly to that part and highlight the element so instantly you always know where you are which is incredibly useful.It works in two ways so if you touch an element in the preview the the tags get highlighted in the code. That’s one of the reasons its so addictive meanwhile in VS Code, Live Server don’t follow your actions and after scrolling to a specific part of the code you also have to go to Live Server and scroll again to find that specific element.

    There is another big difference between both. In Brackets If a change from a file to another through the opened tabs, Live view autoupdate showing the active document.

    Will VS Code’s Live Server will improve implementing these features??
    Since Brackets is open Source, is it possible that other devs take over the project and continue it’s developement?
    For the moment I’m still using it.

  23. If anyone steps up to be a maintainer for this excellent project, could you post your Github repository here so we can follow you?

  24. Don’t like Visual Studio Code.
    Brackets has all I need. Very natural, clean, simple, good for HTML, CSS, SVG, PHP,
    pure logic & simplicity of design.

  25. Unacceptable. Like others have stated I tried all the other editors and they don’t compare to Brackets at all. I will continue to use it until I can’t possibly anymore. If these dummies won’t support it anymore, someone has to take over to keep it alive for the love of god.

  26. I sent out word on LinkedIn:

    No one has stepped up to the plate (yet). Forget about remorse over Adobe’s abandonment – that was probably a bu$ine$$ decision. I wish I could take Brackets over, but don’t have the resources. Here’s the important question: Is there anyone out there who DOES have the time and ability to take over this project? NB: lots of people use it and love it (I’m one), so it is a software project with a pre-existing constituency and at least some momentum remaining. As far as getting started in the FOSS biz, it doesn’t get any better than this. $omeone can make $$$ doing this!

  27. I just installed Visual Studio Code. Also the Bracket extension that promised live server. Guess what?
    It does not work. Does anyone experienced the same?

    I hope Brackets will continue. I would love to subscribe to a paid subscription if someone continues.

  28. What a sad time 😥, I really loved brackets. I used it for four years and now. Although VSCode has good extensions, and they are pretty much alike bracket features, but I steel miss the UI,
    Thanks you Brackets team, for such a company .

  29. Shit! Brackets was the best for HTML/CSS and teachers.
    1. Brackets (great!)
    2. Atom (yes, but…)
    3. Visual Studio Code (oh no! stupid nuggets and live preview)

    Brackets was the second software, which Adobe blasted. The first was Adobe Fireworks (end with CS6). I hate you!

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