Brackets Extension API Proposal

Article by: Kevin Dangoor

Brackets Extension API Proposal

One of the best aspects of hacking on Brackets is that there are no limits. If there isn’t an explicit API, you can just hack the DOM directly. Of course, hacking the DOM isn’t always ideal. For this reason we keep an eye on what extension developers are doing and iterate over the extension API. Here’s our recent proposal.

We would like to make Brackets extensions “restartless”. Users shouldn’t need to quit or reload Brackets just to update or disable extensions. We also need a way to share services between extensions. This prototype and proposal is for an extension API that:

  1. Enables restartlessness
  2. Provides a mechanism to share services between extensions
  3. Makes using NodeJS in extensions easier
  4. Makes it possible to move services into Web Workers or sandboxes
  5. Provides for code sharing via npm
  6. Maintains backwards compatibility (subject to graceful deprecation as things evolve) and the power that Brackets extensions have today.

If you’re interested in Brackets extensions, please read the extension proposal and let us know what you think!

Here is a screencast demonstrating the prototype, if that’s more your style:

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