Brackets Extension Registry

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Extension Registry

Brackets isn’t just about hacking, it’s also about sharing. Within the first year of the project, over 100 extensions were created by the community. We quickly outgrew the wiki page listing and needed a better way to share and install extensions. Several months ago we began work on the brackets-registry project, a server application to register and share brackets extensions.

Aside from creating and open sourcing the brackets-registry, we also had to update how extensions are packaged and needed to implement several features within Brackets itself. We’ve been integrating towards this goal since Brackets 22, so it’s great to finally announce that Brackets 28+ allows you to browse and install community-built extensions.

Discovering & Installing New Extensions

You can easily browse the extension registry from within Brackets. Open the Extension Manager from the toolbar with the Brackets Extension Manager Icon button and select the Available section. Brackets automatically checks the registry and downloads the entire listing. You may filter down the results using a simple text match in the top-right.

Brackets Extension Install
Discovering and installing the markdown extension in less than 10 seconds.

Updating & Removing Extension

The Installed section lists the currently installed extensions. If an update is available for an installed extension, simply click the Update button and the new version will be downloaded and installed. You may be prompted to restart Brackets before the update is applied. If you want to uninstall an extension, simply click the Remove button.

It’s so easy to install and remove extensions, there is no excuse not to try out some of the latest ideas from the community.

Uploading New Extensions

If you are extension developer, you can add your extension to registry by visiting Your extension must include the new package.json file which provides metadata for the registry. Finally, be sure you have a valid Github account. Rather than write our own authentication mechanism, we’ve implemented OAuth via Github.

To post updates to your extension, login with the same Github account and upload your new version. All registry details are pulled from the package.json file, so be sure to update it along with the code.

Special Thanks

The road to launching the registry was a bumpy one. Luckily, the Brackets community took COMPLETE ownership and launched the service. Happy to support the community, open source developers at AboutWeb stood up a server to host the registry. If you are looking for an open source friendly employer in the DC area, AboutWeb is currently hiring!

Some awesome people at Linode donated the server space for the registry. Linode provides one of the best virtual server clouds around. They make it really easy to spin up Linux distros and provide industry leading customer support. Luckily they are also avid supporters of the open source community and offered to cover the costs!

Currently, the fine folks at AboutWeb are covering the bandwidth charges from Amazon S3. After a month or so of usage, we should have a good idea of the recurring costs to keep the registry online. At that point, we’ll probably setup a donation campaign so the larger community can help out.

Update: The registry has now been migrated to Thanks to AboutWeb for hosting the service and keeping up the spirit of open source, all through our journey.
We really appreciate it!

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