Brackets Hackathon London 2012

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Hackathon London 2012

We’re extremely excited to announce the very first public hackathon for Brackets in London on October 3, 2012. Following the Create The Web event in London, Adobe has graciously rented out a local pub so we can hold an all day workshop focused on contributing to and extending Brackets. If you have some JavaScript skills and a desire to build better tooling for web developers, we hope to see you there.

Several members of the Brackets team will be at the event to provide guidance and answer questions. If you don’t know much about Brackets, don’t worry. We’ll spend the morning going over the project, talking about the architecture and showing how to build extensions. After lunch (provided by Adobe) we will break into groups and start hacking. There will be beer and snacks provided throughout the day and the team will be there to answer any and all questions.

If you don’t have a specific idea to implement, we can help you there too. There is a growing number of starter bugs in our issue tracker that are a perfect for a first time contributor. We also have starter features in the Brackets backlog that are relatively small and can be added within a day.

If you want to get a head start on your new feature or extension, check out the Bracket wiki on GitHub for information on how to hack on Brackets and how to write extensions.

If you can’t make the full day but still want to meet the Brackets team, no problem. We’re holding a Brackets Happy Hour from 5-7PM at the pub and it’s open to the public. So be sure to stop in, have a beer and let us show you the cool stuff we’re building.

More information on the hackathon can be found at:

You can register here:

See you in London!


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