Brackets Sprint 11 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 11 Build

Download Sprint 11:

What’s New

In sprint 11 the team added our first code hinting feature! Brackets will now display HTML tag suggestions whenever you open a new tag. It’s just a start, but it’s our first step towards more advanced hinting and code completion. In the next sprint we’ll add hinting for HTML attributes followed by hinting for attribute values.

New HTML code hinting in Brackets

Also in Sprint 11, we made a fewuser experience improvements to Quick Edits. When you hit Esc while inside a Quick Edit, it will close. If you hit Esc when in the main document we’ll close all the open Quick Edits. We continued work on our new desktop shell and by the end of Sprint 12 it should be ready for general testing. Finally, we tested and evaluated a couple of performance enhancements contributed by the Adobe Web Platform team. It’s super handy having WebKit experts just down the hall. They submitted a couple of fixes that could bring scrolling performance and typing speed to near native levels!

Community Contributions

This was our first sprint since formally announce Brackets as an open source project. The response from the web community has been spectacular. In this sprint alone, we accepted pull requests from 7 new contributors. Contributions ranged from bug fixes to general project improvements.

New Extensions

Contributing to the core project isn’t the only way to make Brackets better. Many developers are experimenting with extensions to add new features and ideas to Brackets. Here are just a couple of the ones posted during Sprint 11.

Linux Support

Dmitry Petrov released his work to bring Brackets to the Linux desktop. For those with Linux skills, his fork of brackets-app has all the pieces required to compile a build. To be honest, we don’t have much experience with Linux at Adobe (big surprise there) so we need all the help we can get compiling and testing his fork. There is a thread on our mailing list for those willing to help out.

Coming Up In Sprint 12

In our next sprint we will continue to make progress on HTML code hinting by adding support for HTML attributes. We also plan to make some serious progress on our new desktop shell. If all goes according to plan, we should have the new desktop shell ready to test by the end of the sprint. This new shell fixes a number of issues, including one issue that was preventing us from adding HiDPI support. In Sprint 12 we’ll research the changes needed to look awesome on Retina displays. Finally, we’ll begin planning for a native installer to make it easier to download and run Brackets.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to Brackets so far. Things are coming together really quickly and we couldn’t be happier with the code and ideas everyone is sharing. For those looking to get involved, a good place to start is with a starter bugs. These are small tasks that should only require an hour or two of your time and will help you get up to speed with the Brackets code base. If you have a bit more time and are up for a bigger challenge you can find starter features labeled in our product backlog.

As always you can check in on our progress by visiting our Product Backlog on Trello. Everyone is invited to comment on features and vote up the priority of ideas you’d like to see in Brackets sooner than later.


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