Brackets Sprint 12 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 12 Build

Download Sprint 12:

What’s New

In this sprint the team continued to work on the foundation of code hinting by adding support for HTML attributes. Within an HTML tag, Brackets will now provide suggestions for allowed attributes. If there are too many to display, simply scroll through the options with the arrow keys.

Brackets Native Installer
A JavaScript app that installs like a native app.

Also in Sprint 12, we started research into building a native installer for Brackets on Windows and OSX (no more zip files with both Win and OSX executables). On the experience design front, we focused on what is needed to make Brackets look awesome on new retina displays and checked in a bunch of new assets (svg ftw!).

New Brackets Desktop Shell

We continued to work on our new desktop shell (brackets-shell) so that it reached parity with our current shell (brackets-app). Now that Live Development is fully supported, we need help testing the new shell before we merge into master. Don’t worry; you don’t have to give up the current release to try it out. When you launch brackets-shell for the first time, it will ask you to specify the location of the brackets source. You simply point it at you current Brackets install and it will run from there.

  1. Download Brackets Sprint 12 and unzip to where you’d like to install.
  2. Download the Windows or OSX version of the new desktop shell and unzip.
  3. Navigate to where you unzipped the new desktop shell.
    1. On Windows: Open brackets.exe
    2. On OSX: Open
  4. Upon first launch, the new shell will ask you to specify the index.html file for Brackets. You want to point it to where you unzipped brackets in Step 1.
  5. Enjoy!

If for some reason you selected the wrong index.html file, you can hold SHIFT when you launch brackets-shell and it will allow you to specify another location. Be sure to continue to hold shift through any security warnings you might see on Windows. PROTIP: Hold ALT/OPTION when loading and brackets will delete any saved preferences.

Visually you won’t see much difference and hopefully won’t notice the change. Please continue to use Brackets as you normally would and let us know of any issues you find. In the next sprint we will be focusing on closing out any outstanding issues and merging into master!

Community Contributions

We got some great contributions from the community this sprint, including a brand new feature thanks to Bruno Filippone (ShadowCloud). Bruno completed one of our starter features from the backlog. These are somewhat smaller features that don’t require a big time commitment but help us round out the functionality of Brackets. A special shout-out goes to Todd Cullen (Shakakai) for his work on this feature as well.

Coming Up Next

In lucky Sprint 13 we hope to land the final piece of our HTML Code Hinting epic, HTML attribute values. We are taking what we learned from Sprint 12 and building a native installer for Windows and a .app for OSX. We’re also starting to the lay the foundation for localization support (starting with French). This will open the door for the community to begin contributing different language support!


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