Brackets Sprint 13 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 13 Build

Download Sprint 13:

What’s New

Lucky number Sprint 13 is now complete and available for download. The team contributed an incredible amount of work this sprint which included completing the HTML Code Hinting epic. Brackets will now provide code completion for HTML attribute values in addition to HTML tags and attributes. The team also spent some time focused on improving the overall install and “first launch” experience for Brackets. Finally, Sprint 13 is the first build to include our new desktop shell that’s optimized for HiDPI monitors like the MacBook retina display.

Code Hinting

Having trouble remembering the value for that obscure HTML attribute you wanted to use? No problem. Just hit Ctrl/Cmd + Space and Brackets will provide a dropdown of suggestions based on the attribute. Brackets now includes full support for HTML code completion which includes suggestions for HTML tags, attributes and values. What’s more, the foundation is now in place to add code completion for future languages like CSS and JavaScript!

First Launch Experience

We want to make Brackets as easy to use as it is to hack on. Previously, we posted our builds as ZIP files that you simply extracted and ran. We wanted to take a step towards something a bit more streamlined, so we created a new installer for Windows and an .App for OSX. On Windows, the installer will place Brackets into your specified location and add an entry to the Start Menu. On OSX, you simply drag the .APP into your application folder. We decided to approach installs differently depending on the platform so we could provide an experience more aligned with the target operating system.

On first launch, you’ll notice Brackets displays a sample HTML project. We wanted to add some documentation to Brackets to make it easier to discover features like Quick Edit (Ctrl/Cmd + E) and Live Preview. The documentation, which is just HTML/CSS, is meant to be read from within Brackets (but can also be launched in the browser).

Brackets Update Notification
It’s like your birthday! in your code editor! every 2.5 weeks!

In the future, you might find some “presents” waiting for you when you launch Brackets. Once a day when you launch Brackets, it will ping and check for new updates. If a new build is available, you’ll find a little present icon in the top right. This new notification UI will list new features with a description and provide a download link back to github. In the future we’re going to add auto-update support, but we needed to start with notifications first. As you can imagine, future updates to Brackets can be delivered silently with just HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We want you to get new features every couple weeks as they are available.

New Desktop Application Shell

You might not have noticed, but the native shell we use to bring Brackets to the desktop has gotten a major upgrade. We’re now running on top of the open source CEF3 project. We migrated from CEF1 so we could take advantage of current Chromium releases. While the majority of this upgrade is under the hood, for those lucky enough to be developing on a new MacBook Pro, you’ll notice Brackets has been optimized for retina displays. We swapped most our image assets from PNG to SVG so they scale appropriately on these new HiDPI screens.

New Language Support (The Spoken Kind)

On ne peut désirer ce qu’on ne connaît pas.
(You cannot desire what you do not know.) – Voltaire

The Sprint 13 build of Brackets is now localized for French and German. Select Debug --> Switch Languages to open the language dialog that allows you to switch locales. We provided the technical work to support multiple languages by leveraging the RequireJS i18n plugin and {{mustache}}. The community and Adobe Localization team provided the French and German translation. Special thanks to Jonathan Diehl (German), Michael Chaize (French), David Deraedt (French) and the Adobe Localization team for all their help and contributions.

If you have the skills and desire to help us with other languages, simply fork brackets and follow these instructions from the README.

Community Contributions

In addition to new language translations, members of the community also helped optimize and tidy up our source. Thanks for all your help!

Coming Up Next

So… our backlog for the next sprint is a bit cryptic. We are working on something special for the upcoming Create the Web event in San Francisco on September 24 and we’re trying to keep it a surprise. We are expecting a large influx of new Brackets users as a result of this event and subsequent world tour so we’re mostly spending the sprint squashing bugs and raising overall quality.

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