Brackets Sprint 14 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 14 Build

Download Sprint 14:

It’s been about 2 weeks since we added some new features to Brackets and we wanted to rectify that. The Brackets Sprint 14 build is now available for your coding pleasure. We’re proud to announce that Brackets now includes a new open source font called Adobe Source Code Pro which was designed from the ground up to be optimized for coding. Also in this build, we cleaned up some of our menus and introduced a new HELP menu. From HELP you can check for updates, show the extension folder or open up our developer mailing list.

New Update Notification

Hopefully, you received your first in-Brackets update. This is the first release since adding our new update notification system. If everything worked out according to plan, you should have gotten a “present” icon in the top right of Brackets. That icon will open up a dialog that describes the new release and its included features.

Adobe Source Code Pro

Source Code Pro

If you are going to stare at something all day, we think it should be pretty. We’ve done a lot to make the Brackets UI as minimal and as clean as possible, but the look and feel of a code editor is largely based on text. So today, we’re introducing a big UI update in the form of a new mono-spaced font that is optimized for coding. This new open source font is called Adobe Source Code Pro and it’s a derivative of the open source Adobe Source Sans that we already use in the Brackets UI.

Source Code Pro

With a distinctive character set, you won’t have to wonder if it’s an 0 or a zero

Adobe Source Code Pro is an open source font, but the project hasn’t launched just yet. We just couldn’t wait to start using it in Brackets. The project should launch *very* soon. Stay tuned.

Community Contributions

So while the Brackets team at Adobe was busy working on installers and other boring stuff, the community picked up the slack to deliver some great features.

New Language Support (Spanish & Norwegian)

Last sprint we added localization support to Brackets and it didn’t take long for the community to start pitching in new languages. This is a really great area of the project to get involved in if you have the skills to help. As a free open source code editor, we want to enable everyone across the world to be able to express themselves through code. Supporting as many native languages as possible is key to that goal.

Coming Up Next

We’ve been preparing for a big release as part of the Create The Web World Tour. We will have a TON of cool new things to share next week. If you are in San Francisco, London, Tokyo or Sydney we hope you will come out to meet the Brackets team and hear about all ways Adobe is working to support modern web development.

In London, we’ll be hosting our first public hackathon on Oct 3. With any luck, we’ll have a bunch of new community developed features to include in Sprint 15!

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