Brackets Sprint 16 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 16 Build

Download Sprint 16:

The Brackets sweet 16 build is posted and ready for your coding enjoyment. The team at Adobe continued work on some our key features and initiatives. We made progress on Live HTML development and in upgrading our core code editor to CodeMirror 3. We devoted time to working with the community to accept some new features. Finally, we also devoted time to fixing and closing 45+ issues!

URL Mapping for Live Development

Up until Sprint 16, you were constrained to do Live Development from a local file url (file://). This works well when you are working on a static html page, but becomes a bit troublesome when you want to design something more dynamic. To alleviate this, we now allow you to specify a URL that relates your current project to a running server. For example C:MyServerwwwMyProject can now be linked to

Brackets Live Development Custom URL
Specify a custom url for Live Development

We also added the ability to use Live Development with file types that generate HTML like .PHP and .CFM. This gets us a little closer to being able to use Live Development for complex applications like WordPress.

Brackets in Japan

Thanks to community member, Shumpei Shiraishi, Brackets now has built-in support for the Japanese language. Brackets will automatically detect your language setting from the operating system on launch, but you can manually switch your language through the Debug --> Switch Language.

Brackets Localized to Japanese.
Brackets is big in Japan!

Jetpacks and Other Future Stuff

Recently, we’ve been working on a number of efforts in parallel that lead to bigger things in the future. In this sprint we continued work on upgrading our core editor to CodeMirror 3. We moved the default location for user-added extensions outside of the application so when you install future versions of Brackets your extensions won’t get wiped out. The community made HUGE progress on a Linux version of Brackets as well as getting Brackets to run completely inside the browser.


To build a quality project, every once and awhile you need to put down the exciting new features and close some bugs. That’s exactly what the team did this sprint and with a lot of help from the community we closed over 46 issues!

Community Contributions

With each sprint the community outdoes itself and sprint 16 was no exception. Here is the ridiculously long list of awesome new features and issues contributed by the community. We had so many pull requests that the core Brackets team had to set time aside to get accept them into the project (which is an awesome problem to have).

Coming Up Next

We’re working on a new feature for the next release of Brackets that you probably haven’t seen elsewhere. When you are editing a CSS rule, a simple keyboard shortcut will update the browser and highlight all the HTML nodes that are affected by that rule.

We’re also keen to get another version of Edge Code released for Creative Cloud users. It turns out a *lot* of users have downloaded Edge Code via the Creative Cloud and they are demanding all the great features we’ve added to Brackets since the latest release. The next release of Edge Code will coincide with sprint 17.

As always, thanks for everyone’s support!


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