Brackets Sprint 18 Build

Article by: Ryan Stewart

Brackets Sprint 18 Build

Download Sprint 18:

As an early holiday present Brackets Sprint 18 is up and ready for you to download. This sprint the team focused on improving core functionality including fixing bugs, incorporating community pull requests, and improving some of the APIs. We also continued to incorporate CodeMirror3 and researched future features around letting extensions add support for new file types. We also fixed 44 bugs and merged 23 issues from the community.

Code Hinting

In Sprint 18 the team started streamlining the API for all code hinting so that multiple hint providers can be supported more cleanly. In addition the changes improved performance and implemented changes that will make it easy for extension developers to use. This work moved along the process to add full CSS code hinting in a future sprint.

Brackets in Russian

Thanks to “noway421” and “TurboTurkey” Brackets now includes Russian as a supported language. Thanks!

Community Contributions

The team focused on incorporating as many community contributions as possible this sprint and the community stepped up by providing a bunch of fixes. Thanks to everyone who contributed localization fixes and fixed bugs. Sprint 18 looks great thanks to you.

Next Up

In the next sprint the team is going to be working on incorporating more CodeMirror3 code and the plan is to have CodeMirror3 fully merged the sprint after this one. They will also be implementing native menus and continue the research on the APIs for adding new languages to Brackets.

Happy holidays from everyone on the Brackets team!

– Ryan (filling in for Adam)

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