Brackets Sprint 20 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 20 Build

Download Sprint 20:

The sprint 20 build of Brackets is available for download. While it might not seem like much on the surface, it’s one of the biggest architectural releases to date. After several weeks of work, we finally completed our CodeMirror v3 integration. So while everything may look the same on the surface, under the hood Brackets is more powerful than ever.

In This Release

Check out the release notes for the full scoop, but you can expect to find numerous enhancements in code editing and code hinting. This includes the ability to double and triple-click-drag to select words and lines and new support for Haxe. We continued to refine the heuristics behind CSS code hinting and made a few improvements to searching and Quick Open (Cmd/Ctrl + O).

From The Community

As always, the community drove a number of enhancements and helped us close some issues. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Giving Back

Our work in sprint 20 wasn’t just focused on Brackets. We contributed number of enhancements to CodeMirror while we integrated the new version. We don’t maintain our own fork of CodeMirror. Instead, we send our fixes and enhancements directly to the project. Once they are accepted, we merge back downstream into Brackets. CodeMirror is a great project and Marijn does an awesome job advancing it. Consider helping out.

Randy Edmunds from the Brackets released a side project he’d been working. It’s an algorithm for balancing text across multiple lines in HTML. Working with Adobe, Randy proposed a new standard for CSS to implement ‘balance’ as a value for the text-wrap property. It’s a smarter way to wrap text and titles to make your pages look better. Check out the demo here.

What’s Next

A LOT! We’ve been doing informal research around extension management and architecture for quite some time now. We want to make extensions easy to build, find and install. In sprint 22 we’re going through all our ideas and putting together and implementation plan. Of course, that’s not all. We’re also introducing JavaScript code completion.

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