Brackets Sprint 21 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 21 Build

Download Sprint 21:

The Brackets sprint 21 build is now available for download. This release includes new JavaScript code hinting; our first step towards next generation JavaScript code intelligence. Under the hood, Brackets now includes Node.JS, a robust and capable server that is being used to power Live Development.

JavaScript Code Hinting

For the past couple of sprints we’ve been prototyping the start of JavaScript code intelligence in Brackets. Like most of the Brackets core features, we developed this new functionality as an extension so it could be easily dropped into any version of Brackets. In Sprint 21 we merged that extension into core and closed the medium and high priority issues.

When editing a JavaScript file, Brackets will provide code hinting for variables, function parameters, properties, keywords and some built-in string literals. What’s different from other editors is that Brackets uses color to describe the importance of each option. In general, “green means go”. When looking-up a property, green entries are properties that have been used in a similar context. For non-property look-ups, the color indicates the scope; green = current scope, yellow = parent scope and blue = grandparent scope. Keywords are light-gray while globals are italicized.

JavaScript Code Hinting
JavaScript Code Hinting

Of course, this is just the beginning. The Brackets team was recently joined by a team of compiler and virtual machine experts at Adobe. Over the next few months we hope to break new ground in JavaScript code intelligence.

Live Development with Node.js

By default, live development now serves your project via http://localhost powered by a built-in Node.js webserver. In previous builds, live development was hosted through file:// urls which could cause problems when integrating with external services like Typekit.

The inclusion of Node.js in Brackets opens up a number of possibilities. We will be using Node to power live HTML development, but we’ll also be able to tap into the power of npm and leverage community projects like gruntYoeman and stylus. The community has already started hacking away. An extension released by Jon Rowy uses the built-in server to bring live development to PHP and Drupal.


You can check out the release notes for the complete list, but here are a few notable features that landed in sprint 21.

  • Extensions can now provide deeper language support by specifying new file types, syntax highlighting, code commenting and much more.
  • SASS/SCSS syntax highlighting.
  • Drag files to toolbar icon to open files on OSX.
  • Drag file directly into Brackets to open on Windows.

From the Community

As always, the Brackets community contributed much to sprint 21. We try and do our best to highlight their awesome work here on the team blog, we wanted to everyone who uses Brackets to recognize their awesomeness. Now every Brackets contributor is listed dynamically listed in the “about” dialog!

Made with love and JavaScript by web developers like you!

What’s Next

In sprint 22 we will begin work on a new extension management system that we hope to complete by summer. We’re also going to focus on improving the robustness of live development and close out some legacy bugs.

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