Brackets Sprint 22 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 22 Build

Download Sprint 22:

Our double-deuce build is now live and ready for download. This release contains a long awaited feature (word wrap) and introduces a new way to install extensions via a url. We also improved the robustness and reliability of Live Development to ensure it works as you expect it to. This release has also been translated to simplified Chinese (zh-CN).

Code Editing

Thanks to many community contributions, Brackets build 22 includes a number of highly requested code editing features. The following editor enhancements may be enabled/disabled through the View menu.

  • Word wrap
  • Highlight current line in the editor
  • Hide/display line numbers

We also improved and added new keyboard shortcut navigation.

  • Single-line Scroll
    • WIN: Ctrl+Up/Down
    • OSX: Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down
  • Improved word-to-word navigation
    • WIN: Ctrl+Left/Right
    • OSX: Alt+Left/Right

Finally, the editor will now auto-insert matching )]}' and ". This feature is disabled by default, but can be enabled through the Edit menu. This feature is labeled “auto close braces” – in CodeMirror it is referred to as “auto close brackets”, but that sounded a bit scary to put into our UI.

Extension Installation

To install an extension previously, you needed to located a special directory and manually add JavaScript, HTML and CSS files. In sprint 22, we began a larger epic to provide an end-to-end extension management system in Brackets. We’ve started with the ability to install extension via a URL. Simply point Brackets at an archived extension (ZIP) and Brackets will do the rest. You can even point Brackets to a GitHub repo that contains a properly structured extension!

From The Community

Our new committers led the charge in Sprint 22 and reviewed and accepted their very first pull requests! If a meteor broke up in the atmosphere and landed in the three separate locations of the Adobe committers, BRACKETS WOULD GO ON! In all seriousness, this is a huge milestone and we’re really honored to have such talented developers join our ranks.

Thanks to yodfz, Chema, Antonello and Markus for keeping our translations up to date and a shout-out to Bernhard Sirlinger for crushing so many bugs and refactoring code.

Coming Up In Sprint 23

We plan to continue our work on extension management by building a server-based registry for Brackets extensions. We’ll be building the server with node.js and everything will be open source. Keep an eye on the brackets-registry repo for more information. We’re also working to enable the highlighting of HTML elements when using Live Development. Brackets can already do this for CSS, but as you can imagine HTML is a bit more complicated. It’s just one step closer to true as-you-type Live Development for HTML.

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