Brackets Sprint 23 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 23 Build

Download Sprint 23:

Brackets 23 includes a major UI update, new Live Development features and several enhancements to the core code editor. We continued to work on extension management (behind the scenes) and pulled in several community contributions. All-in-all, a pretty solid release we think you’ll enjoy.

A New Tool Bar

The first thing you’ll notice in Brackets 23 is more vertical space for the code editor. Over the past few sprints, we’ve been de-emphasizing the title bar that ran across the top of Brackets. We moved to native menus to clean up the UI and in this release the title bar has been removed completely.

Brackets Sprint 23
Goodbye Title Bar, Hello Toolbar!

In its place you’ll find a new toolbar docked on the right. The toolbar contains icons for built-in features (like Live Development) and is a central place to access extensions. We’ve got some cool ideas on how to evolve this toolbar over time. We think its a great addition to Brackets that exposes new functionality while keeping the focus on the code.

Live Highlight for HTML

Similar to how Live Highlight for CSS works, Brackets now includes the ability to highlight DOM nodes in the browser that correspond to the elements in your editor. Highlighting is on by default whenever you use Live Development, so don’t’ be alarmed if you start seeing blue highlights around the elements you are editing. Highlighting can be toggled on/off with Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + C.

From The Community

Bernhard Sirlinger expanded code hinting for HTML by adding support for HTML entities. We got in a ton of bug fixes and refactored a few areas — JSLint support was refactored into an extension to make it easier to plug in other linting solutions. Brackets got updates for our Czech, German, Spanish and Chinese localizations and added a new language, Polish!

For more information on Brackets 24, check out the release notes.

JavaScript Code Intelligence w/ TernJS

We’re still working on new type-aware JavaScript code intelligence in a separate branch of Brackets. It’s not quite ready to be included in our core release, but you can check out a special Sprint 22 build if you want to try it out (or help contribute).


Coming Up In Sprint 24

In May, Brackets will be celebrating its first anniversary as an open source project! To mark this special occasion, we are packing the release full of user-facing features we think you’ll love. We’re also hoping to provide an in-product experience for discovering and installing new extensions.

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