Brackets Sprint 25 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 25 Build

Download Sprint 25:

Brackets 25 (the “silver” release), is posted and ready for download. This release was primarily focused on fixing bugs, accepting pull requests and improving performance and stability. It’s a good old fashioned “Engineering” release to follow up Sprint 24 which was primarily feature driven. Of course, we along with the community still managed to add some user-facing features.

NOTE: We found a late-breaking performance regression shortly after posting Build 25 to the download server. If you are one of the few who installed Brackets 25 on May 23, please download the updated version and uninstall the previous build 25 install. Thanks to immediate feedback from the community we were able to quickly identify and fix the issue. Agile + Open Source = FTW!

File Management

As a project and a community, we’ve been guilty of exploring new ideas at the sacrifice of basic editor features. Starting with Sprint 24, we’re getting back to basics and implementing some of the “boring” features that have been embarrassingly missing from Brackets. Thanks to community contributors, Brackets now has the following file navigator functionality:

  • Delete files and folders
  • Show a file/folder in OSX Finder or Windows Explorer
  • Refresh the file navigator
Brackets 25 File Navigator
Refresh, Delete and Show files in the native OS.

Extension Manager

If you’ve been following along, we’ve be iterating over Extension Management in Brackets. We’re working towards providing a central registry for extensions that is accessible from within the Brackets application. In this release, we’ve created a new extension listing UI that helps you manage locally installed extensions. Clicking on the extension icon Brackets Extension Manager Icon in the toolbar will open the Extension Manager.

Install and remove Brackets extensions

Currently, you need to restart Brackets when you remove extensions. The Extension Manager will let you mark extension for removal them prompt you to restart Brackets. We hope to make extensions “restartless”, among other improvements, in the near future. Here’s our plan for new extension APIs, let us know what you think.

Attention Extension Developers!

We have implemented and extension package format that allows you to specify metadata along with your extension. You’ll notice in the Extension Manager image above, that some extensions are providing more detail to the user. These are extensions that include the new package.json format. Please update your extensions at your earliest convenience. We hope that all the publicly available extension will be ready with the package format by the time we launch a central registry.

Performance and Stability

If you are on Windows, you may have noticed that our connection to Chrome has gotten a bit sketchy in the latest Chrome releases. Brackets communicates with Chrome through the Remote Debugging protocol that can only be enabled when launching the browser. If the protocol is not enabled, Brackets will attempt to relaunch Chrome and restore your browsing state. In Brackets 25, we’ve made several improvements to how all this works to ensure it’s more reliable.

Every so often, but probably not as often as we should, we break out a high-speed camera and run typing and rendering performance tests against Brackets. We hadn’t done this since upgrading to CodeMirror3 and noticed some recent delays in typing speed. Here’s what we found and fixed.

Sprint 24Sprint 25Improvement
Typing Text (in a comment)121 ms105 ms13% faster
Typing JavaScript184 ms146 ms21% faster
Text vs. Code Penalty52% slower39% slower25% reduced penalty

It’s important to note that code hinting for JavaScript is not free. Under the hood Brackets is analyzing the code as you type which is why we measure text in a comment (unanalyzed) for a baseline.

Community Contributions

A year after launch, the Brackets community is really taking off. Here is the ridiculously long list of contributions that landed in the past 2 weeks. Thanks to everyone for their hardwork!

What’s Next

We are continuing to focus on missing features that prevent the larger web design and development community from using Brackets day-to-day. In Brackets 26 we hope to land Save As…Create New Untitled Document and complete our UX refresh by landing a new status bar. We’re also planning to devote time to supporting a community led effort to upgrade to jQuery 2.0.

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