Brackets Sprint 26 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 26 Build

Download Sprint 26:

Build 26 of Brackets is now available for download. This update includes a newly designed status bar, several updates to the extension manager and the ability to delete files and folders from project. Under the hood, the community drove a major effort to upgrade Brackets to jQuery 2.0.1, LESS 1.3.3 and Bootstrap 2.3.1.

Status Update

Over the past few sprints we’ve been tweaking and adjusting the Brackets UI to enhance usability and aesthetics. In this sprint, we completely redesigned the status bar. While it might not be the mostly flashy part of a code editor, it provides a number of important functions. The left side is responsible for displaying the number of lines in your document and the current cursor location. The right side provides interactive features that allow you to define tabbing behavior and gain access to your limiting tools. In fact, you may now toggle the display of the linting panel on/off from the status bar.

JSLint Information in the Status Bar
(on someone else’s code)

Refine. Iterate. Repeat.

We continue to iterate over extension management features in Brackets. In this release you can easily update an extension without having to first uninstall. Simply provide a url for the updated extension and Brackets will handle the rest. Easy peasy!

For a complete list of iterative updates, like new code hinting for CSS @import statements, check the release notes.

Community Contributions

Sprint after sprint we are amazed by the quality of contributions coming from the community. In this sprint, Tucker Whitehouse and Bernhard Sirlinger led the incredible task of upgrading Brackets to jQuery 2.0.1, LESS 1.3.3 and Bootstrap 2.3.1. As you can imagine, this was a very involved architectural upgrade as it touched nearly every part of Brackets. Of course, that’s not all the community was up to. Here the full list of awesome:

What’s Next

We had hoped to land Save As… and Create New Untitled Document in Sprint 26, but they still need a little more time. They should arrive in Sprint 27. For the most part, Sprint 27 will consist of mostly research tasks for the Brackets team. We need to dig into some of the technical details around Live HTML and Drag & Drop before we get to implementing.

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