Brackets Sprint 27 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 27 Build

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Quality software often demands inflection and refactoring. We spent most of sprint 27 researching things like Live HTML Development and native drag and drop, but we managed to sneak in a core feature like “Save As…”. Unfortunately, we upgraded to a new version of our desktop shell that refuses to launch on OSX 10.6 and early versions of OSX 10.7 (lame).

Attention OSX 10.6 and 10.7 Users

For Brackets 28, we upgraded to the latest version of the Chromium Embedded Framework (v 3.1453). CEF is the open source project that powers brackets-shell. CEF gives Brackets access to non-browser functionality (like file i/o and native menus) and provides newer versions of Chromium. It turns out that newer builds of CEF have problems launching on older versions of OSX. We thought it was isolated to 10.6.x, but our Blink contributors are telling us it affects early version of 10.7.

We’re looking into a solution, but in the meantime, if you are running OSX 10.6 you should NOT update Brackets to Sprint 27+. Please remain on Sprint 26 until we can figure this out.

If you are running 10.7.1 or 10.7.2 you should immediately upgrade to the current version — 10.7.5 at the time of this post. We’re flattered you update Brackets more frequently than your operating system, but this dangerous lifestyle is now interfering with your contributions to Brackets.

There is a good chance we’ll land a fix for older versions of OSX for Brackets 30 in September. Stay tuned.

Save As…

Brackets 28 now supports the File > Save As… command. This is just another core editor feature needed to help make Brackets less experimental and better for day-to-day use.

Community Contributions

Thanks to Rigor789, Brackets is now translated into Hungarian. Previously supported languages like Spanish and German were kept up-to-date. The community also added syntax highlighting for Groovy and EJS files.

What’s Next

We’ll be working on launching a central registry for extensions and providing a single-click install from within Brackets. In parallel we’ll investigate performance and stability issues that have surfaced in the later versions of CEF – no one said building on the open web was easy!

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