Brackets Sprint 30 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 30 Build

Brackets 30 is ready for download and includes significant improvements to search/replace and code intelligence. For those who love to live on the bleeding edge, Brackets 30 also include a preview of Live HTML development (but it’s disabled by default). In partnership with the community, we’ve made a progress on bringing our Linux builds closer to parity with Windows and OSX.

Replace All

Over the past few sprints, Tomás Malbrán, has been iterating over Brackets search and replace features. In sprint 30, he worked with Martin Zagora to provide a new interface for Replace All. When specifying a replace, you now have the option to preview the results. What’s more, you can even specify which strings to replace and which to ignore via the results panel.

Brackets Replace All
Preview and specify which strings to replace during a Replace All command.

Open With… Brackets

Mac users have been able to easily open files with Brackets directly from the Finder. Brackets 30 brings the level of integration to Windows. From the File Explorer, when you right-click on a file and select “Open With…”, Brackets will be displayed as an option. You’ll also have the option to set Brackets as the default program for that file type.

Extension Manager, Untitled Documents & Much More Come To Linux

In partnership with the community, members of the Brackets and Adobe Edge Code team made HUGE strides in bringing our Linux builds to parity with Windows and OSX. Brackets 30 on Linux now includes our new Extension Manager that makes it significantly easier to discover and install community-built extensions. NodeJS is now built-in to the Brackets shell for Linux, which has enabled better file integration and features like New Untitled Document, Save As and Delete functionality. We’re almost to full parity! Special thanks go out to Tim Burgess who got Node.js integrated into brackets-shell for Linux.

Experimental Live Development for HTML

Over the course of this year, we’ve been quietly working on Live Development for HTML. Live Development goes beyond a simple auto-reload that triggers a page refresh on save. With Live Development, HTML changes are pushed to the browser as you type (assuming the HTML structure is valid). This isn’t just limited to static text, Live Development for HTML works for adding/editing/removing HTML attributes and elements.

This is the first build to have Live Development for HTML, so it’s a bit experimental. In the current sprint, we are refactoring and boosting performance. If you’d like to try it out today, you can enable it by:

  1. Select Debug --> Show Developer Tools
  2. Navigate to the Developer Tools console.
  3. Input brackets.livehtml = true; and press Enter

Community Contributions

In addition to the features listed above, Brackets 30 includes a number of enhancements and fixes contributed by the community. Thanks for closing issues, keeping localizations up to date and making Brackets better!

Up Next…

We’re going to refine the user experience and improve performance of Live Development for HTML. At the time of writing this, we’ve already refactored to a point where typing speed is unaffected and will be enabling it in master soon. We’re also hoping to release a new dark shell for Brackets on Windows (and OSX shortly after).

Thanks for your continued support of the project!

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