Brackets Sprint 32 Build

Article by: Adam Lehman

Brackets Sprint 32 Build

Brackets 32 is online and ready for download. This release is largely an architectural one, but we still managed to sneak in a few improvements. Everyone should notice an enhanced user experience for Live Development and Quick Edit. Extension developers will be happy to find we upgraded Brackets to Node 0.10.

Live Development Launch

You’ve probably run into this annoyance a couple times: You are busy editing a CSS file and click on Brackets Live Development Icon (or press Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + P) to launch Live Development and you get a big old error saying “Open an HTML file in order to launch live preview”. Brackets needs to know which HTML file you want to preview and up until now it has never attempted to guess. Starting in Brackets 32, Brackets will assume you meant to open the index.html file in the root of your project. It’s a pretty unsophisticated guess, but it should cut down on the number of times you see that error.

Quick Edit

We made a slight tweak to the Quick Edit interface to make file names easier to distinguish from CSS rules. Iterative design ftw!

Brackets Quick Edit
File names are now highlighted in Quick Edit

Under The Hood / Node 0.10

Performance is improved when writing JavaScript within <script> blocks and when searching with Find in large files. We also upgraded the version of node.js running inside of Brackets to version 0.10.18. This update will largely go unnoticed for most, but it’s laying the foundation for a significant re-architecture of our file system – as we focus on bringing Brackets to the browser. We also made some changes to the core for features that will land in Sprint 33

From The Community

Brackets now treats .jsm and .master files as JavaScript files and recognizes Dust.js templates. German, Turkish, Czech and Finnish translations were updated by the community. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

As always, you can get all the details in the Release Notes.

Coming Soon

We’ve got a lot in store for Bracket 33 as we refine and enhance common workflows. We hope to add the ability to create new CSS selectors from the Quick Edit interface and allow you to preview images from within your editor. Stay tuned.

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