Brackets Sprint 34 Build

Article by: Jeffry Booher

Brackets Sprint 34 Build

Brackets Sprint 34 marks a new beginning for our installation process. For the first time Brackets will be installed to just “Brackets” – not “Brackets Sprint 34″. This means that Brackets Sprint 35 will install over top of the Brackets Sprint 34 installation allowing for shortcuts, symlinks, pinned tasktray items,
dock icons, etc… to point to the Sprint 35 install. Linux SSHFS/REISERFS support, Extension Manager UI Updates, Pixel Guides, bug fixes, a new look, and some architecture changes round out the release.

New Brackets File System
Under the hood, Brackets now has a pluggable file system. This allows for backend systems to wire up directly to Brackets to serve up projects, files and other data from services such as Dropbox, Skydrive, etc…

For more information see the blog post The Web is the Platform: File System Edition.
The net result, for the time being, is that nothing will change for users except that we’ve made file access extensible and made it easier for extensions to use Brackets’ file system. This change, however, may break some extensions. We’ve filed bugs in the extension repos for extensions which will break or those extensions using file I/O functions which will soon be deprecated.

Extension Manager
We love extensions on the Brackets team and we are working to bring you the best possible extension manager experience possible! Starting in Sprint 34 the extension manager has visual indicators to tell you if any of your extensions have updates available. We’ve also switched the Available and Installed tabs in the extension manager to make it easier to find what extensions are available for new users.

New Look for Brackets
In Sprint 31, we unveiled a new look for the Windows version of Brackets. The native shell for Windows was completely redesigned with a dark theme and, for those of you waiting for the Mac version to be darkened, the wait is over.

Image Pixel Guides
In Sprint 33, we introduced the Open Image feature which allowed for images to be viewed at their full resolution in the Brackets edit window. In Sprint 34, we added Pixel Guides. Simply open the image and mouse over the image. As you move the mouse the guides and pixel information update to show you the real time coordinates. This is really useful for CSS background positioning.

From the community
The following are some of the features that were added from the community in Sprint 34. Enhancements, bug fixes, translations and other contributions by individuals in the community help to make Brackets a great tool for coders!

Thank you for contributing to Brackets!

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