Brackets Sprint 35 Build

Article by: Ingo Richter

Brackets Sprint 35 Build

Right on time for the season, Brackets Sprint 35 build was released to yesterday. This will give you something to play with, for the time between unwrapping presents and hanging out with family and friends.

Find/Replace UI Cleanup

Streamlined, condensed Replace command with the same incremental search and highlighting previously available only for Find. In both Find/Replace and Find in Files, new toggle buttons make case-sensitive and regexp searches easier to access (replacing the heuristics that used to decide these options based on your search text). After closing the search bar, Find Next/Previous now reflect any manual changes you make to the cursor position.

Streamlined Find UI

The Find/Replace UI is now much more compact and keeps all options close together at the same location.

Streamlined Find/Replace UI

Mac Live Development improvement

This is a long awaited feature and you don’t have to restart Chrome anymore to use Live Preview. Using Live Preview will open a separate window that is isolated from your normal browser session (This is already the case on Windows and Linux).


We worked on optimizing the startup time of Brackets by minifying most of the JavaScript code and by pre-compiling the LESS stylesheets. The results are great: startup is now 40%-50% faster than with Sprint 34. The nice side effect of the minification, is that the size of the Brackets application shrunk by ~20%.

Community Contributions

We received a lot of contributions from our community members to improve Brackets for Sprint 35. Thanks for contributing to Brackets.

Coming Up Next

For Sprint 36, we’re working on this set of User Stories:

Please note that the core team will be taking a break for the holidays starting December 21st and coming back on January 2nd, so expect slow responses during this time.

Have a great holiday break everyone!

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