Brackets Sprint 36 Build

Article by: Kevin Dangoor

Brackets Sprint 36 Build

The New Year is here, and we’ve got a new Brackets build for you. OK, so we’re actually a few days past the Chinese New Year, but the new Brackets build is all the more awesome as a result.

We’ve got two infrastructure improvements that will enhance your day-to-day use of Brackets and a variety of other additions that we think you’ll like.

Faster Files

We landed a major infrastructure change in Brackets 36: file watchers with caching. You’ll notice this change when you alter files and folders outside of Brackets and the Brackets project tree updates right away without you having to “refresh” it. The new caching layer makes repeated use of the “Find in Files” command much faster because the files are read from the cache the second time around.

Preferences for your Projects

The Brackets preferences system has been overhauled, opening the door to a wider variety of customization options for Brackets.

With Brackets 36, you can create a .brackets.json file in the top directory of your project. When you open that folder in Brackets, preferences in that file are automatically applied. Additionally, you can customize the preferences for specific files within your project. Do you use 2 spaces when indenting HTML files and 4 spaces for JavaScript? No problem! Add a few lines to .brackets.json and the settings will apply automatically each time you open those files.

See the How to Use Brackets page for more information.

“Safe Mode” for Extensions Users

Brackets has well over 200 extensions now, and those extensions are very popular with Brackets users. Extensions have almost complete power to change the way Brackets works. Generally, this is great because it means that extensions can offer all kinds of functionality. Sometimes, though, it means that extensions interfere with Brackets’ normal operation.

The Debug menu now has a “Reload without Extensions” command which makes it easy to verify if a problem you’re seeing is caused by an extension or if you’ve found a bug in Brackets itself.

CSS, SCSS and LESS Improvements

LESS files now offer code hints for CSS property names and values and support the Quick Docs feature for gaining instant access to documentation for CSS properties.

For CSS, SCSS and LESS files, there’s a new step timing function editor which helps you visualize how a transition will proceed:

Steps Editor
New Transition Timing Steps Editor

Other Changes

You can now have multiple linting providers for a language and they will all run and have their results consolidated into a single view.

Finally, on Windows we’ve given the scrollbars a flatter appearance and also corrected a number of visual glitches.

Community Contributions

As always, the Brackets community has come through with a whole bunch of improvements for the project!

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