Manage your Brackets Extensions

Article by: Kevin Dangoor

Manage your Brackets Extensions

A new version of the Brackets Extension Registry now makes it easy to make a couple of commonly requested changes to your extensions.

Once you’ve signed in with your GitHub ID, you’ll see something like this for the extensions you’ve uploaded to the registry:

Admin features are enabled for extensions you own.

Change Owner

Is someone else taking the extension over from you? Just click the change owner button and enter their GitHub ID.

Change Requirements

Let’s say you’ve just found out that your extension is not compatible with Brackets 39 and you haven’t had a chance to make it compatible yet. You no longer need to upload a new package just to change the required Brackets version. You can click change requirements and enter <0.39.0.

The “Change Requirements” command changes all versions of your extension, so use it wisely. We generally assume that people are not running very old versions of Brackets and we’ve added this feature to ensure that people running current versions of Brackets don’t install extensions that we know are incompatible.


Let’s say that you had an extension that has now become a core feature. That’s awesome! You can remove the extension from the registry by clicking the delete button. Note: this only removes the metadata. The package files are still available if you know the URLs. If you need to delete the package files, let us know and we will help you out. (Turn that into a proper email address, first).

Have other ideas?

brackets-registry is open source! If you want to make the registry better, give it a whirl. You might want to send a message to the googlegroup first so we can help you get going.

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