New Brackets Committer: Lance Campbell

Article by: Adam Lehman

New Brackets Committer: Lance Campbell

Open source is a meritocracy. Those who do the work, become leaders. In that sense, we’re thrilled to announce our latest Brackets committer, Lance Campbell. In the past 8 months, Lance has submitted over 40 pull requests to Brackets and created several extensions. As a committer, he’ll now be able to review and help others contribute to Brackets.

Lance Campbell is a software developer and a pharmacist currently employed at a web-based company providing pharmacogenomics information for the health care industry. His previous software development experience has primarily been in enterprise web applications for learning management systems and learning content development. He contributes to Brackets in his spare time to keep his web programming skills sharp and because he enjoys interacting with the Brackets community and building a great product.

In addition to closing issues and improving the overall quality of Brackets, Lance has created a collection of extensions for Brackets:

  • Lorem Ipsum: Insert lorem ipsum strings into your documents with a variety of options.
  • Column Ruler: Displays a column ruler across the top of editor with an optional vertical guide.
  • Indent Guides: Displays indent guide in the editor.

Lance has also made a few extension just for fun, like:

  • Fortune: Insert a random fortune into your code.
  • Cowsay: Generate a cow saying very profound and silly things.
Brackets cowsay extension
A cowsay extension for Brackets.

A cowsay extension for Brackets.

You can install these extension from within Brackets. Just click the Brackets Extension Manager Icon button in the toolbar and search for lkcampell.

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