Preview Brackets on Linux

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Preview Brackets on Linux

Download Brackets for Linux:

Over the last few sprints we’ve quietly made progress on Linux support for Brackets. The bulk of the work done recently focused on merging prior Linux work into our master branch, cleaning up our build process and isolating our Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) dependencies to the point where we could deliver a Debian package for easy installation on Ubuntu/Debian. Long story short, we’re happy to announce Linux preview builds for Debian/Ubuntu for Brackets starting with Sprint 28.

Brackets on Ubuntu
Hello Ubuntu. Brackets is here.

“Preview”…Okay, What’s Missing?

We’re calling these preview builds because there is still some significant feature work to do before the Linux build is up to par with our Mac and Windows builds. The good news is that the bulk of our headliner features do work: Live Preview with Chrome, CSS Quick Edit, Drag and Drop to open files/folders, and JavaScript code hinting to name a few.

high level list of known issues is available, but here are some notable features that are currently missing:

  • Live Preview Highlight
  • File Rename and Delete
  • Extension Management
    • Extensions must be installed manually into ~/.Brackets/extensions/user

For up-to-date information, visit our GitHub wiki page for Linux.

I’m a Linux Developer and I Want to Help!

Great! But a fair warning: The bulk of the work remaining is not HTML/JS/CSS code, it’s C++. Since most of the interest in Brackets is from web developers, we know that it’s a bit of a hard sell to jump into C++ code.

With that said, we have a guide for Linux developers on our wiki to get them started with a development environment for brackets-shell (the native wrapper based on CEF) as well as brackets (the core “www” project). The setup process only differs from Mac and Windows as far as build dependencies and tools. The good news is that the development environment setup is automated. And the even better news is that thanks to our Grunt tasks, basics of building the shell and creating an installer is the same across all 3 platforms.

If you’re more interested in contributing to the core Brackets project (the www code), all you need to do is install the build, fork the GitHub repository and follow these setup instructions. If you want to develop extensions, you can even skip forking our GitHub repository and go straight into extension development.

We have a small number of user stories to complete on our backlog before we can put the stamp of approval on our Linux build. We’re already getting help integrating Node.js to enable several downstream features like the Extension Manager. Now that we’re announcing this build to the broader community, we hope to get additional help to complete the remaining stories.

Here are a few features we need help on:

Thank You!

It’s been a long road to Linux support. Thanks to all the contributors and users who helped us get this far.

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