Update from the Adobe Brackets Team

Article by: Ryan Stewart

Update from the Adobe Brackets Team

We’re incredibly proud of the momentum that Brackets continues to have. Over 350,000 people are using Brackets every month. There have been 283 contributors to the project and users have installed 890 different extensions. The community has also become even more active in the project over the past couple of months. We’ll soon be releasing Brackets 1.5 which has a number of fixes and enhancements that were contributed by the community.

The Brackets team at Adobe has been spending the past couple of months talking a lot about how we can continue to move the project forward. We all believe that Brackets is the absolute best code editor out there for the web and the success of Brackets has led to some very good discussion about how Adobe can make our commercial tools better, especially our flagship web tool Dreamweaver. We understand that any good web tool needs to have a powerful code editor at its core.

After discussing how we recreate Brackets features in Dreamweaver, we realized it would be more logical to use Brackets as the code editor for Dreamweaver and are going to start working on that plan.

This won’t have any impact on how Adobe will support the open source project. Brackets itself will remain 100% free and open source. Adobe will continue to maintain a strong engineering team on the project and actively engage and support the community. We will also continue to add features to Brackets and as we do the integration work we’ll be adding a number of core features to the open source project. But it will also mean that overall progress may be slow in the short term as the team works on both the integration work and the core product. As performance issues or bugs come up and get fixed while working on the Dreamweaver integration, we plan to fix those in Brackets directly and contribute them back to the open source project.

Once the integration work is done, which should be in the next 6-9 months, the development team will once again be focusing on Brackets. We will continue to add features and improvements to Brackets which will then make their way into Dreamweaver by virtue of the open source project. We will be working directly in the core Brackets codebase, not a fork, so that features and enhancements benefit the community as well as Dreamweaver.
The Adobe team continues to be both humbled and inspired by the way the community contributes to Brackets and moves the project forward. Brackets has always belonged to the community and that community has never been stronger than it is now. We are excited about this new phase because it allows the Adobe team to spend time on Brackets while also making an impact on Adobe’s commercial tools.

Be on the look out for the 1.5 release over the next couple of weeks. It’s a great release with a number of enhancements and fixes, most of which have come directly from community contributors.

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