Update on 1.4 and a Brackets Roadmap

Article by: Ryan Stewart

Update on 1.4 and a Brackets Roadmap

The team has been hard at work on the 1.4 release and because it’s taking a little bit longer I wanted to provide a quick update on that release as well as share some of the current thinking from the Adobe engineers about where we’ll be focusing our efforts over the next few releases.

One of things we want to do as a team is plan our work around a specific theme for each release. That helps overall productivity for the team because they’re diving into a specific area of Brackets but we’re also hoping that it makes it easier for the community to contribute by being open about what kinds of pull requests we’re likely to prioritize.

This doesn’t mean that the only things that go into each Brackets release will be part of the theme. The other, non-Adobe committers all have their own priorities and things they want to get in so we’ll still have nice, varied releases.

But on the Adobe side I wanted to share our current thinking. And all of this is subject to change based on continued feedback from all of you as well as the other committers.

We’re also exploring using Waffle a lot more (versus Trello) because so far the team likes how it integrates with Github. So you may see fewer updates to Trello and more information in Waffle as we get our process down.

Release 1.4 – Performance!

It’s been a while since we did a performance scrub and we thought this was an ideal time to do it. We’re starting off by trying to measure where we are compared to other editors, then we’re going to see what we can fix, and finally we’re going to make those performance improvements. My hope is that every 6-9 months we could do another round of performance testing and optimization to keep Brackets running fast. We’ve been looking into a few areas:

We felt best about what improvements we could make to Switching between files and Find in Files so we’re taking those for 1.4 and following up on the other items. We’re hoping to release 1.4 in the next couple of weeks.

Release 1.5 – Modern Workflows

For release 1.5 we want to make sure that the innovative Brackets features, like Live Preview, and Quick Edit work with modern web technologies like preprocessors and templating engines. We want to make things like Quick Edit work with preprocessor mixins, and also make Quick Hover work with colors and images you’ve defined as variables.

Release 1.6 and 1.7 – Innovation

This one is a little bit more broad, but for the 1.6 and 1.7 releases we want to spend a lot of time thinking about what innovative features we can bring to Brackets. Things like Quick Edit and Live Preview that will help web designers and developers code faster. Some of the initial things we’ve brainstormed are CSS optimization tools, Grunt integration, and in-browser design tools. As we get closer to the 1.6 release we’d love feedback and crazy ideas about what Brackets could do to help you.

Release 1.8 – Core Editor Features

Our 1.0 release marked the point where we felt like Brackets was really ready for prime time. But there are still some core editor improvements that we’d like to make. Some of the things that might fall into this bucket would be theming the entire UI, allowing multiple Brackets windows, non-UTF files and split view for more than 2 documents. This could also end up being a release where we do some work to improve the UI of the extension manager in Brackets.

I hope this provides a bit of context to what we’re planning and why. But as I said, we’d love to continue to get feedback about whether these themes/features are the right fit and what else might be missing for you in Brackets.

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