Welcome New Brackets Committers

Article by: Ryan Stewart

Welcome New Brackets Committers

It’s been an exciting couple of months for the Brackets community. The 1.0 release was downloaded over 400,000 times since our launch over 1.5 months ago. We continue to get great feedback from the community and released Brackets 1.1 in the middle of December before the Brackets team  members from Adobe took a break for the holiday.We continue to see great momentum for the project across the board. We’re up to over 20,500 stars on GitHub making us the 15th most starred project overall. The number of extension authors is now up to 371 and we have 616 extensions now available which is double what we had early in the year.

With all this good news I’m excited to announce some new committers from Adobe on the Brackets project; Prashant Kumar SinghPraful Kumar Vaishnav, and Prashanth Nethi.I’ll let them introduce themselves in their own words:

Prashanth Kumar Singh (GithubTwitter)

I have been working for Adobe as a Software Developer for the past 6 years in the Web platform tooling team. I am working currently on Dreamweaver having recently helped deliver Photoshop Extract for Dreamweaver. I have been writing JavaScript for about 4 years but only recently started using Brackets. Since then, Brackets has been an indispensable part of my work. I feel Brackets is one of the few editors that understand web design and I am glad to help out in making Brackets better.

Praful Kumar Vaishnav (Github)

Hello. I am a Software Developer currently employed in Adobe Systems. I have 1.5 years of professional experience and got chance to work on wide varieties of technology like C++, Java, JavaScript, Web Application. I found Brackets one of the most powerful editors for web design. I am really excited to work with the Brackets Community which is very active in contribution and discussions.

Prashant Nethi (GithubTwitter)

I am a software engineer with 12 years of experience. I have been with Adobe for the last 9 years working on various products like Fireworks and Dreamweaver. I pretty much eat, drink, sleep C++ and I got introduced to web technologies couple of years back when I started to work on Dreamweaver.  Since then I have been working on projects that involve heavy JavaScript.

After looking at Brackets architecture, I was kind of kind of blown away with what was accomplished. I mean, how can all of this run using JavaScript :). I am really excited to be part of Brackets and hope to make some good contributions that is going to excite our customers.

Music is what keeps me going and in my free time you can find me playing Keyboard

Please join me in welcoming them to the community. They’ve already started jumping in and are excited about helping out with Brackets.

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