Welcome New Brackets Committers

Article by: Adam Lehman

Welcome New Brackets Committers

When we launched the Brackets open source project nearly one year ago, we set a few goals to measure the success of the project. We quickly exceeded our modest goal of 12 external contributors in the first year (currently approaching 70) but we hadn’t granted commit rights to anyone outside of the core team at Adobe. Today, we’re pleased to announce not one, but 5 new committers to the Brackets project!

In no particular order, we’d like to introduce the newest members of the Brackets core team:

Jonathan Diehl

Jonathan Diehl is a senior PhD Student in the HCI group at RWTH Aachen University (Germany) advised by Prof. Borchers. He is also a lecturer for iOS Application Development and Mobile Usability. His research focuses on exposing the runtime of software applications to support software prototyping and development. His main contributions to Brackets so far have been his work on the Live Preview, the Extension Manager extension, the Debugger extension, and a prototype for making Brackets work in the browser. You can find Jonathan on github.

Chema Balsas

Chema is a TC Engineer who has been working in web development for quite some time now. He describes himself as a technology enthusiast, cinema lover and knowledge junkie. Chema started as an ActionScript developer and has been slowly sliding towards JavaScript development over the last couple of years. He’s currently working as a front-end developer at Liferay in Madrid. He started following Brackets as a way to learn and improve his JS capabilities. Chema has contributed over 30 pull requests to the project and maintains the Spanish localization. Chema is on twitter and github.

Dennis Kehrig

Dennis got into web technologies early and though he certainly ventured out into desktop programming, he kept coming back to HTML, JavaScript and CSS. While studying Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University in Germany, Dennis found an interesting specialty at their Media Computing Group: Human-Computer Interaction. Through working with Jonathan Diehl (another Brackets committer) he was introduced to Brackets and was hooked immediately, having longed after better programming tools for quite a while. Dennis is currently leading research into how to extend Brackets for languages beyond HTML, CSS and JavaScript (like TypeScript, PHP, Ruby and SASS). You can find him on GitHub.

Tomás Malbrán

Tomás is a college student at the University of Buenos Aires studying Computer Science. He loves developing apps and games in JavaScript, HTML and CSS (part hobby and part work) and this is why I fell in love with Brackets and is thrilled to be joining the team. Tomás has fixed countless bugs and added a number of features. Most recently he updated the ‘about’ dialog to list all the Brackets contributors. You can find Tomás on twitter and github.

Jonathan Rowny

Jon is a software architect at AboutWeb LLC with a passion for open source technology. He’s been described as having technology ADD but is currently in infatuated with NodeJS, AngularJS, Mongo, mobile apps, and of course Brackets. In addition to closing issues, Jon has created several extensions for Brackets. His latest extension provides live development support for theming Drupal sites. You can find him online at jrowny.com@jrowny on twitter and GitHub.

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