Welcome the Newest Brackets Committer: Marcel Gerber

Article by: Ryan Stewart

Welcome the Newest Brackets Committer: Marcel Gerber

I’m incredibly happy to be able to announce that the Brackets committers are welcoming a new member: Marcel Gerber. Marcel has been a member of the Brackets community for a long time and has been playing a big role recently in doing code reviews, triaging bugs, and generally helping out wherever he can. He’s also going to be our youngest committer by a wide margin! Here’s a bit about Marcel in his own words:

I am a 16-yeared student, currently attending a German “Gymnasium” (similar to high school) focussed on math and science. I am going to graduate in 2017 with an “Abitur”, after which I’d like to study at university. I’m not yet sure on what to study, but I tend to Computer Science.

When I started developing little websites, I used a little-known app called Webocton Scripty, and then, reading through some random forum thread, I heard of Brackets the first time. I downloaded it, still in an early phase (it was like Sprint 20 or something), but I enjoyed using it.
On September 1, 2013, I then submitted my first PR to Brackets, fixing a minor issue with the German translation. It was litterally my first contribution to a FOSS project, and later on, I started fiddling with the JavaScript code – this was pretty much the first time I did something with JavaScript.
I love Brackets for developing the programming style and skills – JavaScript, Git, GitHub, developer communications, and also a little CSS and HTML – and for just being an awesome, enjoyable tool.

On a personal note, I enjoy skiing and waterskiing a lot, and also just hanging out with my friends and doing stuff together.

You can find him on Github and on Twitter. Please give him a shout and welcome him on behalf of the entire Brackets community. Marcel, thanks for all of your work!

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