Welcome to our new committers!

Article by: Prashanth Nethi

Welcome to our new committers!

We are excited to introduce the newest committers to the Brackets community. I will let them introduce themselves.

Shubham Yadav

Hey guys, I joined the Adobe Dreamweaver team as a Software Developer this summer, straight out of college. But my relationship with Brackets started way before that. I was lucky to grab an internship at Adobe during the first half of this year.

During my time as an intern, I worked a lot with Brackets, both as an application and as an open source project. I just loved it. It helped me a lot in understanding the way open source community works together to create a full fledged application. I was introduced to different technologies and frameworks, like nodejs, Grunt, CEF etc. along with the best practices and standards of the Brackets open source community. Apart from that, I have prior experience with C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS etc.

As an individual, I am passionate about developing things that affect the users directly, and things that provide a creative outlet. I am also an avid reader and sometimes dabble with writing. I am really excited to start this new journey, and hope to learn new stuff.

Naveen Choudhary

I am really passionate about learning new Technologies. I am currently working with the Dreamweaver team.

I started contributing to open-source in 2016 @Brackets during my Internship at Adobe. Since I started using Brackets, I loved it for the simplicity and ease of coding with powerful features. I have worked with technologies that includes frameworks in C++, Javascript, Zend (php-src), Hadoop etc.

Apart from computers I love Bikes, Road-trips

Saurabh Kathpalia

I am really passionate about solving computational and analytical problems. I am currently working with the Dreamweaver team.

I started contributing to open-source in 2014 and after that I worked as Software Developer for MoinMoin Wiki (Python Software Foundation) in Google Summer of Code 2014 in which I worked simultaneously on 2 projects(mainly in Python and JavaScript) and also worked as a Mentor for 2 projects in Google Summer of Code 2015.
I have also worked in the frontend team at housing.com where I made a 360 degree virtual tour of a house, in which I was introduced to technologies like WebGL(Three.js), CoffeeScript and Webpack.

I started using brackets 5 months back and since then I have loved it for its simplicity, intuitive UI and extensibility.

Please join me in welcoming all the newest committers.

Developers love Brackets and we are committed to making Brackets the best coding editing experience.

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